Sustainable fleet solutions

Reveal insights from real-world data to help reduce your fleet’s emissions and costs while improving operational efficiency.
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Support for each stage of your emissions reduction journey

Data-driven insights to drive your sustainable fleet strategy forward.
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1. Assess your fleet’s environmental impact

Investigate your fleet's fuel consumption and vehicle usage, and determine your emissions baseline.
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2. Adopt sustainable fleet practices

Take the first steps to operating a green fleet, reduce fuel use and explore electrification potential.
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3. Accelerate your decarbonization efforts

Expand the strategies that work for your fleet, integrate EVs and optimize operations.
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4. Aspire to create lasting change

Create value beyond fleet economics and become an industry leader in sustainable mobility.

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Success story

“The real eye opener for me was the big picture. I saved $2 million in fuel and spent only $100,000 on electricity.”

- Philip Saunders, Deputy Director of Logistics and Emergency Management and the Green Fleet Program, City of Seattle

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Insights to help fleets reduce emissions

We help our customers implement effective carbon reduction strategies and improve their operational efficiency by revealing insights from real-world data.

Reduce fuel consumption

Monitor fuel usage and driver behavior to maximize your fuel economy. Find additional ways to reduce the amount of fuel your fleet consumes.

• Establish target areas for improvement with Green Fleet Dashboard
• Drive down idling with driver scorecards, dashboard reports and the use of alerts & notifications
• Find out which vehicles could be replaced by EVs with the EV Suitability Assessment
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Optimize operations and do more with less

Create a sustainable fleet program that increases productivity, reduces costs and lowers your fleet's impact on climate change. Geotab's solutions provide real-world vehicle, route and driver data to help your organization do more with less.

• Right-size fleet with asset utilization reporting
• Enable car sharing with a keyless solution
Optimize routes for greater efficiency

Meet emission requirements

Go beyond regulatory compliance to address board and customer expectations by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Connecting to Geotab's sustainability solutions will help you:

• Plan ahead and avoid disruptions from government regulations
• Plan the transition to zero-emission vehicles
• Monitor and optimize the performance of electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)
Remotely monitor performance with engine based fuel data
• Calculate estimated CO2 emissions from fleet activity and identify and reduce unnecessary idling

Visit the Fleet Electrification Knowledge Center to discover everything you need to know about adding and operating electric vehicles in your fleet.
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Work with a partner who is as committed to climate action as you are

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Geotab, from striving to minimize the environmental footprint of our internal operations to developing innovative technologies that optimize the ability of fleets to go green.

Sustainable Fleets Resources

Green fleets are focused on sustainability and lowering their environmental impact through initiatives such as, the reduction of fuel consumption and idling, and electric vehicle adoption. Discover ideas for your own green fleet strategy.

Commonly asked questions

Sustainable fleet management refers to activities centered around reducing the environmental and social impact of fleet vehicles, including strategies such as:

• GPS tracking
• Monitoring and training drivers to encourage fuel-efficient and safe driving behaviors
• Reduction of idling and greenhouse gas emissions
• Adoption of hybrid or electric vehicles (EVs)
• Right-sizing of vehicles to the correct duty cycles
• Use of alternative fuels
• Car sharing
• Considering alternative modes of transportation altogether
• Creation of preventative, rather than reactive maintenance programs
Geotab offers a full range of sustainability solutions, including:

• EV fleet management to ensure fleets get the best performance and greatest value out of their electric vehicles
• Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment to support and justify the transition to electric
• EV Battery Degradation Tool to help you understand how long your EV battery should last, based on real-world data from over 6,300 EVs
• Temperature Tool for EV Range to help you understand the impact temperature can have on day-to-day EV range
• Environmental performance dashboards and reports to enable fleets to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants
• Vehicle tracking to enable fleet and dispatch managers to optimize routing and reduce transport mileage
• Data insights to enable local authorities and other government agencies to improve traffic safety, reduce congestion and improve local air quality
• SmartCharge Rewards to encourage EV use by rewarding drivers for charging in a manner that is better for the environment
Green fleet management has a tremendous amount of benefits for fleets, including:

• Reducing the organization’s carbon footprint through supporting fuel efficient driving behaviors, better route management and/or use of alternative-fuel vehicles with fewer to no emissions
• Lowering long-term costs, such as spending less on fuel, oil, maintenance and even insurance, by reducing the occurrence of at-fault collisions
• Complying with any applicable emissions regulations
• Improving driver morale and staff retention rates

Now is the time to take climate action

Take the next steps to reduce your fleet’s carbon emissions.