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Man using MyGeotab to track location and vehicle behaviours

Simplify fleet management with end-to-end OEM telematics solution

Get scalable insights and access to multiple integrated, secure solutions on a single platform for your mixed fleet.

Our telematics data makes your fleet more connected and competitive

We always think of fleet managers when we partner with OEMs. Our fleet experts work to get you access to effective connected solutions.

Together, we can unlock your fleet’s potential by helping you grow your business with cloud-based after-market and integrated OEM solutions.

Why choose OEM telematics with Geotab?

We invest in OEM partnerships to give you the ability to benchmark your fleet against industry standards. Right now, you can: 

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Make better decisions faster with precise data

Get safe, secure access to OEM vehicle data and deep insights with our powerful analytics to improve fleet performance.

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Simplify fleet management with a single platform

Quick Over the Air (OTA) software updates* and the ability to do more on a single platform than any other telematics hardware.

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Easy activation for maximum uptime

Remote activation without hardware installation keeps your vehicles on the road and your business moving forward. 

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Get more value for your investment

No external hardware or installation costs. Save money to invest in other areas of your business.

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Continuous innovation

Always gather vehicle data for product enhancements by the OEM and additional value-added services for fleets.

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Secure your solution

Reduce the risk of tampering with embedded telematics. 

Make your solution work for you

Get more access to hundreds of third-party solutions on Geotab Marketplace and extend functionality with Geotab’s SDK. 

We work with industry leaders in mobility and transportation

Learn more about our individual automotive partners by clicking on their icons below

Icons representing OEM data being funneled into MyGeotab

Here’s how the flow of your data works

1. Your vehicle data is always safe, as it’s collected on the OEM side and transferred to our highly secure platform.

2. We standardize the data from all makes and models so you can manage a mixed fleet of any size.

3. Our web-based fleet management software integrates data from each vehicle in a single view, so you can make informed decisions faster.

4. We pull insights from all this data to build more robust fleet solutions to help you continually improve your operations.

All Electric OEMs

World-leading telematics and fleet connectivity, with a factory-installed GO device, manage it all from one integrated, consolidated platform.

Your data is safe and secure with Geotab

The advanced security features of our cloud telematics platform are certified against rigorous encryption, authentication and compliance standards. That means, with Geotab, your data is safe, secure and easy to use.
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OEM fleet resources

Discover how we can provide scalable insights for a better connected car experience — and how our secure solutions give you peace of mind.

Together, we can help you grow your fleet

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Improve fleet management with precise data, easy integration, advanced technology, continuous innovation and OEM integration.


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Get your mobility solutions and products to market faster. Reduce development time and add value to your fleet customers with new experiences or product updates. 


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Channel Partners

Improve customer experience with solutions built on vehicle usage patterns — and get those solutions to market faster.

Frequently asked questions

To use Geotab's OEM data platform, you only have to do the following:

- Activate the OEM telematics service.
- Register the third-party devices in MyAdmin.
- Add the serial number and chassis number of each device in MyGeotab.

Once the devices have been added to MyGeotab, they can be used from the same user interface.
An integrated OEM telematics system includes factory-installed devices that are ready to collect and process telematics data from the vehicle. These integrated telematics systems do not require installation and can be integrated with cloud-based telematics systems such as MyGeotab to manage multiple vehicle brands through a single platform.
OEM telematics uses two components for data collection and management:

- The telematics hardware installed in the vehicle by the OEM.
- Software that collects and manages data from embedded telematics hardware in the cloud.

Ready to connect your fleet?

Let us show you how simple it is to access rich OEM data.
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