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Powerful insights. In real time. LionBeat powered by Geotab.

Lead your fleet into the future with Lion Electric buses and trucks integrated with LionBeat, powered by Geotab.

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World-leading telematics, built right into Lion Electric trucks and buses.

LionBeat transforms your fleet management experience with its integrated system, featuring factory-installed GO9 advanced telematics hardware and a comprehensive fleet management platform. All of these powerful tools come pre-installed on Lion Electric buses and trucks, ensuring you’re ready to optimize your fleet operations right from the start. Get real-time visibility to analyze fleet-generated data, vehicle location, road speed and charging status to battery state-of-charge, and much more.

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Lion electric truck driving

Seamless integration powered by Geotab

Factory-installed telematics hardware on Lion Electric buses and trucks means there is no installation required and no additional hardware to maintain, saving you time and money. As a fleet customer committed to climate action with electric vehicles, get real-world EV data insights, optimize energy consumption and costs while improving operational efficiency. 

Manage it all from one consolidated platform

Understand fleet data with access to rich data insights – which can include activity reports, delivery schedules, GPS tracking and much more – displayed in the LionBeat platform, powered by Geotab. With all your vehicle and fleet information in one place, you can understand fleet performance across the board and make decisions that improve how you hit the road – and impact the planet.

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Vehicle tracking UI on mygeotab

Rich EV data, powerful fleet management tools

Avoid fuel costs, emissions and downtime with the optimal use of EVs in your fleet. Get alerts such as ‘Low state of charge’, ‘Charging complete’, or ‘Charging initiated’. Through the Maintenance Hub, detect issues early to identify where and when repairs are required, so you can keep vehicles on the road and operational. 

Access rich data insights

Uncover insights from real-world data to help meet and exceed your ESG goals. Across your entire fleet – including ICE vehicles –  you can increase efficiency, decrease idle times and track emissions. Optimize routes to reduce miles and coach drivers on ways to increase regenerative energy. From setting our own emission reduction goals to helping fleets go green, sustainability is at the core of everything we do at Geotab.

EV Charging Status in MyGeotab

Key features

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Ready for activation

With ready-to-go OEM telematics hardware from Geotab installed on all Lion Electric’s EV trucks and buses, reaching a new level of connectivity couldn’t be easier. 

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Improved fleet safety

Monitor and manage your vehicles and drivers to improve overall fleet safety. With LionBeat, you gain insights into key safety metrics and receive alerts when violations are detected.

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Easy compliance and DVIR

Keep accurate records, with reminders for drivers to log in and out, real-time availability and alerts for hours of service. Handle DVIR on the go, with pre- and post-trip inspections, automatic notifications to mechanics and pop-up reminders. 

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Proactive maintenance

With active diagnostics on faults and critical vehicle data, you’ll have advanced warnings about issues, so you can plan maintenance before trouble starts.

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Advanced security

Geotab sets the standard in telematics information with tamper-resistant installation backed by Geotab industry expertise along with a secure platform protecting your fleet data. Our systems and processes have earned a wide range of compliance authorizations, including certifications from ISO, FedRAMP and FIPS.

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Expandability with Geotab Marketplace

Unlike out-of-the box, one-size-fits-all solutions, Geotab is customizable and scalable, with an open platform designed to integrate and connect with other leading technologies.

Optimize your fleet today!

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