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Complete visibility of your fleet in real-time

Geotab’s secured and sophisticated fleet management solutions offer the fleet-wide insight needed to transform operations and ensure driver and civilian safety. With Active Tracking, dispatchers can follow emergency vehicles in real-time to ensure that they arrive and depart safely and efficiently.

Key features

Dispatch nearest driver

Increase response time by dispatching vehicles closest to the emergency using the “Nearest” feature in MyGeotab.

Instant collision notifications

Get notified instantly when a collision is detected. Forensic data is uploaded to MyGeotab for review.

IOX expansion

Connect light bars, gun racks, sirens and more directly into the GO device via the IOX expansion port to monitor usage.

Blog post

Every second counts: Active Tracking for first responders

Find out how Geotab’s Active Tracking technology allows dispatchers to view emergency vehicles in real-time, ensuring they’re taking the best routes and arriving on scene quickly and safely.

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Ambulance driving quickly with a GPS icon above it
The rear of a police vehicle with red lights shining in the back
Case study

State of Utah police fleet: Improving vehicle utilization

With access to detailed fleet reportes and unique in-vehicle integrations, Utah's police department improved their vehicle utilization, enhanced driver safety and gained valuable insight for updating their policies and procedures.

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