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Police and first responders fleet management

When waiting isn’t an option. New Mobile Broadband Priority (MBP) Services from Geotab and Verizon.

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Gain visibility in real-time when every second counts

With Geotab, emergency service resources can coordinate and communicate with each other quickly and easily, using accurate, near real-time data. Whether at the municipal, state or federal level, the integration of telematics data can be pivotal for the office of emergency response and boost the collaboration between first responders on duty to increase public safety.

Key features for first responders fleet

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Situational awareness

First responders can get to the scene quickly and safely with timely data across rolling assets that integrate with leading CAD systems.

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Rigorous security

Get notified instantly when a collision is detected. Forensic data is uploaded to MyGeotab for review.

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In-car sensor integration

Automatically secure vehicles with remote lock while also monitoring usage of in-car connected assets and in-cab temperatures for K9s and sensitive materials.

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Mobile Broadband Priority Services

Keep communication lines accessible during an emergency with prioritized mobile connection for first responders.

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Routine vehicle maintenance checks

Easily conduct routine vehicle maintenance checks to keep vehicles road-ready and in optimal condition.

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Electric vehicle support

Manage the performance of electric vehicles and know at a glance which vehicles are charged and ready for the day’s job.

Public safety fleet tracking resources

Police fleet management relies on real-time visibility. Fleet monitoring software can optimize performance to help increase the productivity, safety and compliance of emergency services. Explore resources for first responder fleets.

Commonly asked questions

Geotab works with different energy service providers and their vehicles around the world. We support police, fire, ambulance and more. To learn more about Geotab’s police and first responders solution, Request a Demo today.
Telematics technology can help keep your community safe. We have solutions at Geotab that can help you utilize your fleet's data for operational insight based on actual movements, monitor driver and public safety with behavior reporting and coaching, plan optimal routes to prevent congestion and save money.
When your fleet cars are not responding to emergencies, they are driving in ordinary traffic alongside other cars. This means that keeping an eye on speeding, harsh braking and the use of seat belts is critical for fleet and public safety. To set a positive example for the communities you assist, keep an eye on these measures. Set custom rules to disregard speeding alerts and integrate with lights and sirens.

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