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Bring your data to life with the tools you already know

Deeper insights for better decisions. 

One view, unlimited possibilities

Bring your fleet, financial and HR data into one stream for instant trending and long-term analysis — inside the most popular BI tools like Tableau or PowerBI. Geotab Data Connector makes it easy to securely integrate your fleet and business data to uncover areas for operational and bottom line improvements now and for the future. 


Use Data Connector to reveal important fleet trends in a familiar setting that can be shared with other business stakeholders. And with pre-built templates loaded with actionable insights on day one, you can get to business impact faster with the ability to layer in cost and revenue trends for full visibility. 


Imagine having a virtual assistant that can instantly analyze vast amounts of fleet data, identify patterns, and generate valuable recommendations to enhance operational efficiency. With Project G generative AI, a beta project coming soon via Geotab Data Connector, consumers can now become data analysts. If you are a Geotab customer, you can join the waitlist

How it works

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Do more with what you’ve already got

With Geotab Data Connector, unlock the data you already have with your favorite BI tools. Get long-term insights to drive growth and profitability.

Blistering fast analysis

Instant long-term trend analysis means deeper insights. Simply choose your time frame and watch your reports become instantly more insightful. 

One view, added visibility

Put all your data on one screen and easily share views for visibility that stretches across your company. 

A broader picture of performance

View telematics, financial and HR data together to identify patterns and variations for a complete view of operations and assets.

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One clean data stream

We streamline and present aggregated data in one view. Ready to use, ready to share.

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Efficient, secure collaboration

You don’t need to train additional people or export raw data. Easily share what’s needed so they can work with the BI software they know.

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Easy-to-use templates

Access an ever-evolving library of pre-built templates to help you tell powerful stories with your data.

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Now featuring Vehicle KPIs, Predictive Safety Analytics, Peer Benchmarking and Maintenance Insights.

With the addition of the new Maintenance Insights data set and template, Geotab Data Connector now provides a more complete view of your operations (Vehicle KPIs, Predictive Safety, and now Maintenance) all through a single pane of glass via your preferred Business Intelligence software such as PowerBI or Tableau. 

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Now, get deeper insights with long-term analysis

Bring your data to life on one screen. Do long-term analysis with streamlined data inside common tools like Power BI and Tableau. Watch the video to learn more about Geotab Data Connector.
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Visualize Trends

Data connector workflow

Supercharge fleet management with these data resources

Grow your data management skills with content to help you improve your fleet’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Commonly asked questions

Geotab Data Connector is a tool that allows users of the Geotab fleet management platform to seamlessly integrate fleet performance data into preferred popular business intelligence (BI) visualization tools such as PowerBI and Tableau. Build your own dashboards or use our pre-built templates.

Geotab leverages our expertise preparing data for reporting and visualization, and makes these curated data tables available through PowerBI, Tableau or Excel via a secure and easy to use connection and your existing MyGeotab credentials.

By having the ability to access a growing library of Geotab pre-built templates, you have the ability to combine fleet data with other data sources such as financial data, human resource data, and other business information. The combined data allows you to make better informed decisions for your business and operations.

There are many benefits associated with using Geotab Data Connector to bridge the gap between your fleet management software insights and your overall business intelligence. These benefits include:

  • Key data metrics have been pre-aggregated for easy analysis 
  • Can use Geotab data and data from other systems together to gain insights
  • No skills needed to access raw MyG data and handle complex data pipelines to extract, transform and load data into a customer data warehouse
  • Any user with some analytics skills can access and analyze the data in their BI tool of choice
  • No special resources needed to store and prepare data
  • Groups security structure in MyG is respected for any segmentation needed 
  • Dashboard templates to get started quickly
  • Data is updated daily
  • Reports can be automated for a constant stream of insights

Geotab Data Connector is included in the ProPlus software subscription plan. If you’re already a ProPlus subscriber, you can simply download the add-in from the Marketplace and you’re ready to get started. For those who are not on ProPlus, visit Geotab Marketplace to learn how to activate Data Connector on your account.

Getting started is easy

If you’re already a ProPlus subscriber, simply download the add-in and you’re ready to use Data Connector. 


If you’re not a ProPlus subscriber, visit Geotab Marketplace and learn how to activate your account.

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