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Geotab Customer Onboarding and Success

Customer empowerment for small fleets.

Proactive customer onboarding and success

Learn, solve issues, and deepen your understanding of the product. From day one as a Geotab User, customers have access to a wealth of resources that are continuously updated and available 24x7.

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Learn at your own pace

With Geotab, you get the help, support, training, and knowledge you need — when you need it. This technology-driven training and nurture experience has been specially designed for small fleet customers.

24/7 training resources

  • Best practices and pro tips from the Geotab Success Team
  • Onboarding/self-training assets
  • In-application onboarding
  • Troubleshooting
  • Peer support via the Fleet Success Group in the Geotab Community
  • Ask-the-Expert Sessions
  • Targeted onboarding/nurture email journeys

Streamlined training and communication

Greater flexibility and more ways to connect.

Automated email journeys

Pre-set email workflows to guide users step-by-step through the onboarding phase.

Learning Hub

Get new users up-to-speed quickly with how-to’s and training videos available 24/7.

Webinars and Podcasts

Segment-specific programming for small and midsize businesses and other fleets.
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Peer support

Connect customers with a success group of over 600 peers, moderated by Geotab experts for answers to questions and best practices.
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“Ask-the-Expert” sessions

Opportunity to meet with a Geotab expert who will field questions in a live Q&A.
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Coming soon

In-application onboarding and ongoing nurture pathways.

Join the Community

Find answers to your questions, get help from colleagues and Geotab experts and build your knowledge.