What is fleet benchmarking?

Fleet benchmarking is a trusted strategy for evaluating and improving operations based on a fleet’s driving patterns. Measure your current performance and track progress towards goals, or compare your fleet to like fleets. With telematics, users are able to gather a large volume and variety of data, set unique fleet goals and make necessary adjustments.

Fleet savings report in MyGeotab displaying total monthly savings and potential savings
MyGeotab dashboard on a computer monitor displaying fuel economy report

Compare your fleet

Turn data into a business advantage. Compare your fleet to others of similar size, composition, geography and driving pattern. See where your fleet can improve or drive down costs. Deliver measurable value to your organization.

Benchmarking data

Fleet benchmarking doesn’t have to be complicated. Geotab’s open platform offers you access to rich insights on your high quality data on your fleet vehicles and drivers. Track key performance metrics such as fuel usage, fuel economy, idling, harsh driving events and much more.

MyGeotab dashboard displaying fleet benchmarking data
White paper

Performance benchmarking with big data

The value of big data lies in how well an organization is able to draw insight from data and turn it into measurable revenue generation or cost savings. Read this white paper to learn about extracting value from benchmarking, using a standard approach as it relates to the world of IoT-connected devices and big data.

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Two white commercial trucks balancing on each side of a scale
Pick up truck with big white dollar symbol in the cargo bed

Fleet management ROI vs. COI

What you don’t know could hurt you. Learn how to find potential cost savings for your fleet using a free telematics report from the Geotab Marketplace.

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