Be ready for the elements

Plowing and salting roads and highways is a critical service delivered by local governments and municipalities. Optimizing your winter maintenance operations maximizes mobility of the traveling public while minimizing collisions due to winter traveling conditions. With real-time reporting on salt usage and winter maintenance activity, roads can be plowed and de-iced as soon as possible.

Key features

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Automate time consuming workflows

Deliver a high level of service by measuring the activity of every vehicle in your fleet with simplified real-time reporting.

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Optimize performance

Know the location and route of your fleet, monitor how much salt is being put down, measure the performance of a truck and the effectiveness of the fleet at large.

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Manage operating costs

Get real-time visibility on the performance of drivers and current state of snow removal and deicing to monitor overall operating costs.

Blog post

Winter road works compliance: 5 challenges and solutions

Learn how to improve winter operations through integrations that give you visibility into how much salt is being placed on the roads, as well as the performance and effectiveness of your public works fleet.

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