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Fleet routing and optimization software

Optimize fleet routes and dispatch, reduce travel time and distance, to adapt quickly to last-minute changes. Ideal for dynamic fleets needing efficient, customer-focused scheduling.

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Route optimization made easy

Geotab’s fleet dispatch software is ideal for route optimization. It allows you to plan routes in detail, creating an efficient series of stops and waypoints for delivery and pickup orders. 

Save time and reduce fuel consumption by using the “Optimize” button to make your route more efficient. You can also adjust orders manually.

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Getting the right resource to the right location at the right time and the right cost

Geotab’s Routing and Optimization software, curated for light duty fleets, moves beyond traditional route planning, integrating key economic considerations to improve operational efficiency for fleets without a set route.


Powered by our proprietary AI model, the platform does much more than just identify quick or short routes. It carefully considers economic factors, from fuel costs and vehicle maintenance to the broader impact of customer satisfaction on your business's long-term success. Integrating these insights, the software adapts to unexpected customer cancellations or emergency adjustments, keeping your fleet flexible and responsive under any circumstances. 

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Explore the functionality of Geotab’s Routing and Optimization software

Geotab Routing and Optimization focuses on enhancing your light duty fleet's efficiency with advanced planning, location intelligence, and data-driven decision-making, all tailored to meet the unique demands of your daily operations.

Long Range Planning

Our proprietary economic optimization model simplifies long range planning, saving field services customers an average 20-55% over other planning models.

  • Balanced job distribution for equitable workload.
  • Easy facilitation of shift patterns.
  • Minimized route overlap for increased efficiency.
  • Reduction in distance driven, saving resources.
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Optimize your fleet with Geotab Routing and Optimization

See how Geotab’s Routing and Optimization software can streamline your daily service operations. Learn about our approach to optimizing routes, reducing costs, and improving service, all while adapting to the unique demands of your business.

Quantify your fleet’s efficiency potential

Experience firsthand the financial benefits achievable with Geotab’s Routing and Optimization platform.

Basic metrics

Select industry

Number of vehicles in your fleet

Average visits per day

Average visit duration


Average revenue per visit

Advanced metrics

Unit Type

Fuel cost per gallon

Miles per gallon

Average miles per day

Hourly rate

Average overtime per day


Overall increased profits each month



in revenue gained each month


in cost saved each month

155,248 miles

saved each month

3,881 hours

saved each month

Time to see ROI payback

Less than six months


gallons of fuel saved


in fuel costs saved


hours of overtime saved


lower CO2 emissions

Our ROI calculator uses advanced modelling and 20 years of evolution to offer accurate projections.

Real-time fleet dispatching

Route planning for route planners and fleet managers

You face the challenge of optimizing your service area and resource allocation to reduce route overlap and improve revenue. You need a solution that efficiently manages territories, smoothly integrates new customers, while being agile enough to adapt to changes in your operational environment.


Key features:

  • Customer satisfaction improvement– Prioritize customer needs and manage expectations effectively.
  • Revenue forecasting by territory – Utilize data-driven insights to predict and manage revenue potential.
  • Planning change adaptability – Stay agile and responsive to changes in your service area or customer base.
  • Easy customer integration - Seamlessly add new customers into existing routes and territories.
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Route Optimization Resources

Optimized fleet routing solutions save time and money. See how routing management technology helps cut costs and increase productivity by finding the optimal fleet route.

Geotab Routing and Optimization provides benefits across multiple industries

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Field Services

For field service organizations, Geotab's Routing and Optimization efficiently manages scheduling complexities, contributing to the optimal allocation of technicians and a heightened level of customer satisfaction.

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Courier & Delivery

For courier and delivery services, Geotab's Routing and Optimization refines route management, creating opportunities to reduce delivery times and enhance customer transparency.

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Food & Beverage

For the food and beverage sector, Geotab's Routing and Optimization tackles key challenges such as integrating new customers and managing varied customer preferences, all within flexible and efficient route planning.

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Improving efficiency with integrated telematics and advanced routing

Geotab's combination of telematics and advanced routing optimization offers a multi-faceted enhancement to fleet management, providing valuable insights and actionable data across various operational areas.


  • Improve productivity and service – Optimize customer service times, detect unexpected stops, and create more efficient routes. Improve operational productivity with multi-resource routing and appointment scheduling.
  • Operational excellence – Cut down on distance, streamline maintenance schedules and maintain peak vehicle readiness.
  • Safety enhancements – Reduce total distance to alleviate hurried driving and navigate away from hazardous areas for safer fleet operations.
  • Commitment to sustainability – Actively reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, and evaluate the transition to EVs to diminish your fleet's environmental impact, fostering greener operations.
  • Scalability and flexibility – Utilize Geotab’s Mobile SDK and enterprise API for scalable, flexible solutions that grow with your business needs.
See our solution in action

Routing and Dispatching software solutions from Geotab Marketplace

The flexibility of Geotab’s Marketplace allows for solutions that span across all industries and specific requirements. Visit our Marketplace to see complimentary routing solutions from our Marketplace partners. Together, the advanced MyGeotab platform and our partners' routing solutions offer a powerful combination of comprehensive coverage for a wide range of operational scenarios and customer needs.

Commonly asked questions

Route optimization is a process for achieving maximum productivity by making routes as efficient as possible, saving on travel time and miles driven. This process can be simplified using specialist route optimization software, which enables you to plan and optimize hundreds of routes in minutes. Some solutions now enable dispatchers to allocate new jobs to drivers while they are out on the road, highlighting the most suitable candidates from a distance and travel time perspective and bearing in mind parameters such as driving time status.

Geotab's Routing and Optimization software helps streamline your fleet operations with several key features:


  • Economic optimization – Integrates key financial considerations like fuel costs and vehicle maintenance into routing decisions, aligning operational effectiveness with financial efficiency.
  • Real-time adaptability – Allows for immediate adjustments to routes and dispatching, essential for dynamic and unpredictable fleet operations.
  • Multi-resource routing and appointment scheduling – Balances workload across multiple resources efficiently, reducing time waste and improving job distribution.
  • Customizable zones – Enables precise management of fleet movements by defining specific operational areas.
  • Strategic data-driven insights – Offers advanced analytics for informed decision-making, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Safety and compliance – Reduces total distance and ensures adherence to regulations, contributing to safer fleet operations.
  • Sustainability focus – Supports environmental goals by optimizing fuel usage, encouraging electric vehicle use, and minimizing fleet size.
  • Scalability and versatility – Adaptable to various fleet types and sizes, meeting diverse and evolving business needs.
  • Seamless system integration – Features capabilities like Mobile SDK and full enterprise API for easy integration with existing systems.


These features make Geotab's solution ideal for improving the efficiency, safety and sustainability of your fleet operations, while being flexible enough to grow with your business.

Routing has proven to be one of the most important features in fleet management, and has the potential to provide fleets with significant fuel savings. Geotab’s fleet route optimization and dispatching solution can significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of the fleet while simultaneously reducing costs.

Fleet route scheduling and dispatching software gives you the ability to:


• Tighten up routes to increase your fleet’s productivity

• Create efficient routes and assign vehicles

• Set up custom zones

• Review missed stops or stops made out of order

• Compare planned versus actual arrival times and stop duration

• View travel time and time spent in designated zones

Geotab and its Marketplace Partners offer multiple solutions for route planning, including multi-stop routing. Visit our Marketplace to see our integrated routing and dispatching tools that can improve operational efficiency for multi-stop fleet operations.
The MyGeotab platform provides an intuitive way to dispatch vehicles to specific locations using zones and integration with third-party route planning devices. In MyGeotab, dispatches are managed by obtaining zone addresses and sending those addresses to the third-party routing device.
Geotab offers many other fleet management solutions, particularly to help with productivity, optimization, safety, sustainability, compliance and future-proofing.

To learn more about Geotab solutions, visit our Fleet Management Software Solutions page.
Geotab works with multiple industries and is continuously evolving to provide additional support. To see the full list of sectors we currently work with, visit our Industries page.

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