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Fleet routing and optimization software

Our vehicle routing software management tool can help you achieve maximum productivity by saving on travel time and miles driven – even when plans change at the last minute.

Route optimization made easy

Geotab’s fleet dispatch software is ideal for route optimization. It allows you to plan routes in detail, creating an efficient series of stops and waypoints for delivery and pickup orders. 

Save time and reduce fuel consumption by using the “Optimize” button to make your route more efficient. You can also adjust orders manually.

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Integrated route planning software Add-Ins

Congestion in cities takes a significant toll on fleet operations. Select from a variety of routing and dispatching apps from the Geotab Marketplace. Find the best routes to boost efficiency and reduce costs.

Route Optimization Resources

Optimized fleet routing solutions save time and money. See how routing management technology helps cut costs and increase productivity by finding the optimal fleet route.

Real-time fleet dispatching

Dispatch your drivers in real-time using MyGeotab. Enhance productivity further with Garmin integration. You can dispatch new jobs, pickup and drop-off locations, zones, or entire routes to your vehicles, all in real time. 

real-time fleet dispatching software, MyGeotab

Route planning and reporting tools give you insights

GPS tracking provides more than vehicle location. With routing and dispatching reporting tools, telematics can help identify improvement areas in your day-to-day fleet operations. 

  • Shorten routes to increase driver productivity
  • Create original routes and assign the appropriate vehicles to them
  • Enable custom zones
  • Get a closer look at missed or out-of-order stops
  • Compare planned vs actual arrival times, as well as stop duration
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Routing and dispatching software solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Improve operational efficiency by assigning and dispatching routes to your fleet drivers in real-time. This helps ensure accurate pickups, deliveries, and returns.

Software solutions include: Hazard alert services, delivery tracking and dynamic routing tools.

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Manage shift and driver changes, dispatches and deliveries remotely. Enjoy increased productivity, reduced costs, improved delivery times and greater customer satisfaction.
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Commonly asked questions

Route optimization is a process for achieving maximum productivity by making routes as efficient as possible, saving on travel time and miles driven. This process can be simplified using specialist route optimization software, which enables you to plan and optimize hundreds of routes in minutes. Some solutions now enable dispatchers to allocate new jobs to drivers while they are out on the road, highlighting the most suitable candidates from a mileage and travel time perspective and bearing in mind parameters such as driving time status.
Geotab’s route management tools help you achieve maximum productivity by saving on travel time and miles driven. They make planning routes quick and effortless, and let you create a series of stops where vehicles are expected to provide a service or make a delivery or pickup. With Geotab, you can also add zones for closer monitoring and alerts to make your route more efficient and save time and fuel. Then, when plans change at the last minute, with MyGeotab you can dispatch new jobs to drivers in real-time, selecting the vehicle that can get the job completed the fastest, with the least travel distance – and bearing in mind considerations such as remaining driving hours.

With Geotab’s routing and dispatching reporting tools, you can then identify improvement areas in your day-to-day fleet operations.
Fleet route scheduling and dispatching software gives you the ability to:

• Tighten up routes to increase your fleet’s productivity
• Create efficient routes and assign vehicles
• Set up custom zones
• Review missed stops or stops made out of order
• Compare planned versus actual arrival times and stop duration
• View travel time and time spent in designated zones
Routing has proven to be one of the most important features in fleet management, and has the potential to provide fleets with significant fuel savings. Geotab’s fleet route optimization and dispatching solution can significantly increase the efficiency and productivity of the fleet while simultaneously reducing costs.
Geotab and its Marketplace Partners offer multiple solutions for route planning, including multi-stop routing. Visit our Marketplace to see our integrated routing and dispatching tools that can improve operational efficiency for multi-stop fleet operations.
The MyGeotab platform provides an intuitive way to dispatch vehicles to specific locations using zones and integration with third-party route planning devices. In MyGeotab, dispatches are managed by obtaining zone addresses and sending those addresses to the third-party routing device.
Geotab offers many other fleet management solutions, particularly to help with productivity, optimization, safety, sustainability, compliance and future-proofing.

To learn more about Geotab solutions, visit our Fleet Management Software Solutions page.
Geotab works with multiple industries and is continuously evolving to provide additional support. To see the full list of sectors we currently work with, visit our Industries page.

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