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Government motorpool

Improve how your motorpool fleet runs. Right-size your fleet and cut your budget.
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Geotab awarded Sourcewell and NASPO purchasing contracts

Skip the lengthy telematics RFP process.

A government car share solution

Access vehicles anytime and anywhere with Geotab Keyless. Whether you are a corporate or government fleet that only needs vehicles on an occasional basis or a fleet manager who needs to pool vehicles together for multiple drivers to share, Geotab Keyless can help you.

Key benefits

Right-size your fleet

Leverage connected vehicle insights to identify underused vehicles and determine where to effectively discard and pool vehicles, and in turn drastically increase utilization and reduce total cost of ownership. Our market-leading software reservation partners make managing your pool of vehicles fast and efficient.

Boost driver productivity

Digitize your way to efficiency. Eliminate wasted driving time spent searching for, retrieving or returning keys. Make sure your next driver never has to worry about the previous driver’s actions with Geotab Keyless.

Scaled to your fleet’s needs

A scalable solution for every fleet. Geotab Keyless works for every fleet size and composition. Simply connect the IOX-KEYLESS to a Geotab GO9 telematics device and get started. Geotab Keyless supports any vehicle equipped with a keyfob, making even the most diverse fleet composition possible.

The Geotab advantage

  • Maximize vehicle utilization by identifying underused vehicles.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership by determining where to effectively pool or discard vehicles.
  • Compatible with all vehicle types that have a keyfob.
  • Prioritize reservations for vehicles that have the lowest odometer miles or highest current State of Charge (SoC) for electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • Record true trip miles for accurate billing.
  • Secured access to vehicles even when parked out of cellular coverage areas using the driver’s cell phone or an NFC tag.
  • Detect breakdowns and plan proactive vehicle maintenance to avoid expensive repair costs.
  • Robust software ecosystem: Integrations with a variety of best-in-class shared mobility software solutions.
  • Easy to use APIs for quick integration into new systems.
  • Get fully digitized keys that lock and unlock vehicles over the IOX-KEYLESS Bluetooth® connection or the GO9 device cellular connection.


Top challenges for government motorpools and how to solve them with Geotab Keyless

Government motorpools can be integrated with fleet technology to improve efficiency.

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Geotab Keyless unlocks new benefits for car sharing and motorpools

Learn how the Geotab Keyless solution can optimize your shared or pooled fleet today.

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Ready to optimize your fleet?

Discover the benefits the Geotab Keyless solution can bring to your motorpool fleet.