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Fleet Safety Management

Driver Safety Reporting

driver safety reporting

Reinforce Company Safety Policies

Geotab's risk management report shows how many rules were broken and the total miles driven for the time frame chosen. This important metric shows how many rules were broken over a standard amount of miles across the whole organization. This places all drivers on an even playing field, and allows organizations to enforce fair practices.


Advancing Driver and Fleet Safety One Word at a Time

Geotab GO TALK enhances driver and fleet safety by providing spoken word alerts to drivers while on the road in real-time. Spoken instructions from inside the vehicle inform and empower drivers. Using advanced text-to-speech technology, GO TALK warns drivers of violations so they can immediately correct their behavior.


GoTalk device

Most Dangerous Highway in US

Geotab Unveils New Study into the Most Dangerous Highways in America

Use this new, just launched interactive map to explore in more detail the highways with the highest rates of fatal accidents in your state.


Fleet and Driver Safety

For fleets, staying safe means more than reducing personal injury and vehicle damage. It's essential to choose a partner who understands that safety behind the wheel means an improvement in fuel economy, company reputation, and clean motor vehicle licenses for your drivers. Learn how Geotab transforms the way companies approach fleet safety with easy to use, next generation telematics solutions.

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