Persons with two hands on their vehicle's wheel

Fleet safety

Improve safety on both sides of the wheel. Take advantage of Geotab’s fleet management solutions for the well-being of your fleet and those around it.

Driver safety reporting

Keep fleet safety at the forefront by monitoring key fleet metrics and decrease collision rates. Get to know your drivers and their driving habits in MyGeotab with safety dashboard reports, custom safety alerts, advanced collision avoidance systems and more.

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Woman working on two monitors displaying MyGeotab dashboards

Person using mobile phone to check Driver Safety Scorecard in MyGeotab

Driver coaching

Be proactive. Monitor fleet safety in real-time and deliver in-vehicle driver coaching with Geotab. Promote good driving habits and implement gamification applications, such as the Driver Challenge, to motivate and encourage friendly competition between your drivers for improved safety.

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Dash cams

Our seamlessly integrated dash camera solutions take the guesswork out of collisions and other critical traffic events. Review high definition footage and save video clips for later use as a valuable training resource for your drivers.

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Dash cam UI showing relative proximity to the vehicles around it

Ready to improve fleet safety?

Learn more about how simple it is to use our web-based software and fleet management devices to improve fleet safety.