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How much does the Geotab solution cost?

The Geotab GO device consists of an upfront payment for the device and an ongoing monthly payment for the service. Please contact a reseller for current pricing. Geotab is considered to be one of the most affordable solutions in the market today.

I know Geotab is used by many of the largest fleets in the world but I need something simple?

The GO device is an inexpensive device that is simple to operate. You can start with the lower priced Base option if you are only interested in the location of your vehicle. Later on you can upgrade your price option to the Pro plan, which includes extra features, such as obtaining engine data from your vehicle.

What if I need location and vehicle data in real time?

Active Tracking, included on the ProPlus plan, delivers live vehicle positions and alerts.

What can I expect MyGeotab to be like in the future?

Geotab makes continuous improvements that will become automatically available to all current customers. In addition, Geotab’s partners are working hard on developing ways of feeding data from other systems into MyGeotab, and from MyGeotab back into other systems. This means if you use QuickBooks™ as an example, you could use a partner’s Add-On to automatically generate your invoices from your Geotab timesheets. MyGeotab is open and third-parties are developing fantastic Add-Ons to extend MyGeotab all the time.

Who are Geotab resellers?

Geotab does not sell direct — we are an engineering and software company. Geotab relies on our resellers to add value to our product and to provide sales, support, consulting, development and project management services around the Geotab products. There is a thriving community of companies who can offer specialized services, Add-On software and support so that you can get the most out of your system.

Why is an Open system important to Geotab?

Geotab does not see your data as belonging to Geotab — it belongs to you. We offer APIs and a simple export function that allows you to take your own data and do with it what you like. Geotab's unrestricted policy helps make sure that you are not locked in and that you have your business options open to you.

How does Geotab secure its data?

Geotab's data is encrypted using SSL encryption similar to any major financial institutions. The customer defines who has access to their database and what they have access to within it. Geotab employees can have access to databases for troubleshooting purposes only, and this is largely on the approval of the customer. To ensure complete transparency and accountability, all access into a customer database is audited and stored indefinitely within the database audit log for the customer to see. Please review our security policy guide for more detailed information. In addition, you can read our blog for some information about Geotab data center security.

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