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Fleet management software

Manage your entire fleet from one open platform with Geotab's fleet management and tracking system.

Fleet management software that empowers business decisions

MyGeotab is a web-based fleet management software that is available to all Geotab customers under any feature package: Base, Regulatory, Pro, and ProPlus. See all your vehicle and driver information in one place and use it to make quicker, better-informed decisions for your business.

Scalable software

Fleets of all sizes have the same software foundation to grow on. With Geotab’s fleet management software, businesses have powerful tools at their disposal for generating new opportunities for growth and savings. To extend the value of the data, fleet managers can leverage MyGeotab’s Software Development Kit (SDK), customizing the software to meet exact fleet needs.
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Fuel usage report in MyGeotab on white tablet

Fleet management simplified

Geotab’s fleet management software, MyGeotab, takes the complexity out of collecting data and transforms it into useful information that businesses can act on. For example, most Geotab customers want to understand how fuel consumption is impacted by driving habits, time of day spent driving, and the vehicle make and model. Geotab normalizes the data to a common unit of measurement to simplify fuel management. Additionally, MyGeotab is available in 17 different languages: English, French (Canada), Spanish, Japanese , German, Polish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indonesian, Czech, Svenska, Turkish, Bahasa Malay, French (France).

See what our customers are saying about our fleet management software

5/5 stars

"The platform is easy to use and very driver friendly."

Jennifer Y., DOT Compliance Manager II


More than 10000 Employees

5/5 stars

"The software is easy to use, simple yet powerful."

Reinaldo G., President


1 to 10 Employees

5/5 stars

"This has been a great tool that I have come to rely upon in many ways."

Terri A., Executive Director

Individual & Family Services

51 to 200 Employees

5/5 stars

"Like the easy of use and the option to pick and choose just about anything you could think of for an add-on."

Jerry R., Parts Manager


1001 to 5000 Employees

Reliable software

Geotab is focused on providing businesses with high-value fleet management data. Geotab’s vehicle tracking software incorporates a rules feature that is configured and ready for use with a simple ON selection. Fleet managers can get started quickly by selecting or customizing rules, assisting them in measuring events surrounding five core areas: productivity, safety, fleet optimization, compliance, and expandability. Once a rule is selected, managers can choose from a range of reliable notification options, from email or pop-ups to in-vehicle coaching and alerts.
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Fuel economy benchmarking report in MyGeotab on white tablet


Geotab’s benchmarking fleet management reports compare the activity of one group to another to look at idling trends and other items. Benchmarking and trend lines are excellent for businesses to visualize performance. For example, benchmark the MPG of vehicles in different geographic areas to see how driving behavior is impacted by cold or hot weather, or benchmark windshield time of employees in urban centers vs less congested roads to better plan commuting or route time.

Key software features

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Advanced reporting

Create, run and deliver the information you want, the way you want it, and when you want it. Start with our standard reports, and make them more meaningful by tailoring them to your exact fleet needs.
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Driver behavior management

Influence safe driving behavior with in-vehicle driver feedback and coaching tools. Drivers that share vehicles are still individually identified with Geotab’s Driver ID NFC technology.
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Robust engine data reporting

Geotab collects and responds to common status information in your vehicle. This includes engine RPM, engine light, seatbelt, odometer, engine hours, emissions, vehicle identification number (VIN), and vehicle battery voltage.
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GPS vehicle tracking

See vehicle location in near real-time and a complete trips history. Our patented algorithms provide accurate, detailed information. Get fast, precise updates with Active Tracking and manage driver privacy with Privacy Mode.
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Route optimization

Reduce vehicle mileage and fuel consumption by creating zones and routes for your drivers. MyGeotab lets you compare actual versus planned routes.
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Engine health and maintenance

Be alerted to potential critical engine health issues and easily prioritize the repairs for your vehicles. Focus on proactive vehicle maintenance by detecting issues early on and setup vehicle maintenance reminders.
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Open data integration

Geotab’s SDK lets you integrate vehicle and location information into your company’s operations or with third-party Add-On applications. Visit the Geotab Marketplace for Add-Ins, Add-Ons, and much more.
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Custom mapping

Design your own business relevant maps which are automatically combined with the application’s vehicle information. Flexibility in map views, legends and zone shapes and sizes allow for further customization.
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Device agnostic software

Bring your current telematics device to the platform that lets you do more with your data. Offering comprehensive dashboards, an industry-leading rules engine and customizable alerts — you will get the data you need to drive your business.

Fleet management software and system resources

Decisions require accurate data. Fleet management software provides a user-friendly way to monitor fleet performance, with dashboards showing data and trends on vehicles and driving. Learn how a vehicle management system works and its benefits.

Commonly asked questions about fleet management software

Every fleet’s priorities are different. It is important to select a fleet management software platform which offers a range of rate plans so you only pay for the features and benefits you need.

You should also seek out a secured telematics platform that integrates with your existing business applications. Be sure to invest in a solution which can provide real-time, historical, and predictive analytics via intuitive dashboards and reports.

The fleet management platform you choose should provide flexibility for:

• The ability to track where your vehicles travel, such as through custom zones, and relative to their configured routes
• Insights to help fleets reduce carbon emissions and EV fleet management, including tracking of EV energy usage and charging status
• End-to-end vehicle monitoring of key engine components like the engine, transmission, and emissions systems
• The ability to track fuel consumption, and factors which might be driving up your fuel costs
• Detection and alerts related to unsafe driving habits such as speeding, harsh braking and turning
• Options for tracking vehicle use outside of business hours
• Dashcams and keyless entry system integrations
• A marketplace of third-party add-ons for fleet management processes like maintenance scheduling, tire pressure monitoring, and collision reconstruction

For further fleet management software evaluation criteria, or tips on writing an RFP for telematics, read our blog.
Geotab offers a broad range of ELD solutions which are certified for compliance with U.S. and Canada regulatory standards. Geotab’s ELD solutions include the GO7, GO8, GO9 and GO9+ fleet tracking devices, as well as its Geotab Drive mobile app for Android and iOS.

For more information, please visit the Geotab ELD solutions page. Learn more about ELD compliance with Geotab.
MyGeotab is hosted in the cloud, so aside from mobile device access, no software installation is required. For information on how to set up your MyGeotab database, add users, vehicles, and permissions, and managing system settings, please visit the MyGeotab Academy. You can also find our Support Knowledge Base, onboarding and success guides, and hardware installation resources by clicking on the “Support” link on the navigation menu.
As an open fleet management platform, MyGeotab is widely recognized by our customers and partners for its ease of use and rich data insights. To help our customers get the most value from our cloud-based fleet management service, we offer a portfolio of onboarding and customer success service offerings. We also provide the online Geotab Academy training resource for self-directed learning, and a series of weekly webinars to inspire you to discover new ways to use Geotab solutions to optimize your fleet operations.
Geotab offers four different software packages (or rate plans) including Basic, Regulatory, Pro, and Pro plus. Details about what is included in each package can be found on our Software support over 100 Hours of Service (HOS) rulesets and exemptions for the U.S. and Canada, including intrastate, short-haul, 16-hour workdays and agriculture. The Geotab Drive mobile application is a driver compliance solution that streamlines ELD compliance, asset inspection, driver identification and more. Packages page.
Geotab’s IOX expandability enables integration with a number of third-party devices, including NFC card readers, dash cams, refrigerated truck temperature control, driver coaching and GPS devices, and lighting systems for first-responder light bars. For a quick overview, read the Guide to Geotab IOX Add-Ons blog post. To see all IOX solutions available, visit the Geotab Marketplace.
MyGeotab is available for use on Windows, Linux and iOS computers via browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Geotab customers can download the MyGeotab Fleet Management mobile app for their phone or tablet on the Apple App Store, and the Google Play store. Truck drivers can use the Geotab Drive app for ELD and HOS purposes.
MyGeotab is a web-based fleet management software that displays all your vehicle and driver information in one place. It can be used to make quicker, better-informed decisions based on real-time data insights. It offers data analytics, reporting, and live dashboards to help you make reliable decisions for your organisation.
MyGeotab’s fleet management system offers many key advantages. With options to scale our solutions to any business size and integrate new software applications via our SDK and APIs, MyGeotab is built for all your fleet’s needs.

To give you maximum control, MyGeotab delivers standard and customizable reporting and dashboards. As your fleet operates, keep an eye on your customized dashboard to view critical indicators, such as how driving behaviour, vehicle make and model and time of day all affect fuel use. MyGeotab is also accessible in a variety of languages to make it easier to use for all team members throughout the world.
Key fleet managements features for the MyGeotab software include:

• Fleet performance analytics
• Driver behaviour monitoring for productivity and safety
• Engine data reporting
• Live tracking and optimised routes
• Fleet integration tools
• Customised maps

To learn more about MyGeotab and our fleet management software features, Request a demo today.
Fleet management software is a digital tool used to house data pulled from vehicles equipped with telematics devices. It provides detailed reports and insights based on vehicle data to help you better understand fleet performance. Geotab’s software solution, MyGeotab, keeps an eye on your customized dashboard to observe crucial indicators like driving behaviour, vehicle type and model and time of day.
Fleet management systems work to provide actionable insights into vehicle data by pulling information directly from a connected car and into a fleet-specific dashboard.
For fleets all across the world, Geotab offers a variety of telematics software packages. In North America, there are four packages to choose from: Base, Regulatory, Pro and ProPlus. Each plan has its own set of possibilities. Visit our Software Packages plan page to see a complete list of our plans and the features they cover.
The Geotab Pro and ProPlus plans offer all of the features available on the Base plan (GPS location, VIN, driver ID, basic IOX support, harsh braking detection and more) as well as a few additional features.

Geotab’s Pro plan offers the additional features of engine and accelerometer data as well as EV support while the ProPlus plan offers active tracking, lifetime device warranty, premium services and advanced IOX support on top of all of the offerings from the other plans.
Fleet management software enables you to gain a comprehensive overview of fleet metrics such as vehicle speed, fuel consumption, vehicle location etc. You will be able to focus on areas which need improving in order to remove inefficiencies.

Using MyGeotab, you can also benchmark your organization’s performance against fleets of a similar size, makeup or geographical area. For example, you could see how driver behavior is impacted by weather or road congestion. Remember: You can’t manage what you don’t measure.
Regardless of whether your organization operates a small or large fleet of vehicles, company fleet management software can help you identify the underlying causes of lost productivity.

Thanks to telematics technology, you can see how idling the engine for too long or an aggressive driving style affects fuel usage, for example. It can also be used to initiate routing and dispatching processes for drivers without them having to return to the office first.
On Geotab’s Marketplace, there are over 200 solutions available from Geotab and our trusted Partners. Solutions are divided into categories including:

Asset & trailer tracking
Maintenance and diagnostics
Cameras & ADAs
Routing and dispatch
Mobile forms

To see the full list of categories, explore Geotab’s Marketplace today
Geotab works with a wide and diverse range of industries including transport and logistics, utilities, oil, gas & mining, food & beverage, pharma, and waste recycling. View the full list of our industry-specific offers.

Is your industry not listed on Geotab? Contact us via our official website and we will be happy to show you the extensive features of our solutions.

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