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Harnessing the Power of IOX Expansion

Harnessing the Power of IOX

Providing customers with ways to increase the value of their fleet management solution has always been a priority for Geotab, and IOX expansion is one example. Through the introduction of MyGeotab web-based fleet management software and the development of a wide range of hardware, Geotab has always built upon expandability to allow our customers to extract valuable data from its products.

What is IOX Expansion?

With IOX Expansion Technology, the Geotab platform can be further extended to provide added flexibility and integration with third-party providers. The IOX Input/Output Expander has been around since the GO6 was first introduced, but Geotab continues to innovate and introduce IOX hardware for new and exciting applications.

The IOX functions on a basic principle. Each IOX performs a simple task and relays information to and/or from the device. An IOX connects to the GO device using the specialized mini USB port found on the side of all GO6 and GO7 devices and is easy to set up and connect. While some IOX require installation by a certified installer, others can be connected to the GO device and installed without much effort.

geotab go7 device

A number of different components can be measured by the IOX hardware and can be customized to meet a fleet’s specific use. For example, a fleet that relies on a dispatcher to organize and direct drivers can see a lot of benefit in using the IOX-GARMIN line, which can push messages and routes to the GARMIN to quickly advise the driver of the next stop on the route.

Types of IOX Expanders

More detailed information on IOX Expanders can be found on the Geotab Marketplace.

Geotab IOX Expanders 1
Geotab IOX Expanders 2

Fleets that measure a number of different metrics for their vehicles, or ones that use third party products from which data is recorded, can benefit from the use of the IOX-CAN. The IOX-CAN will allow fleets to record data from unique hardware and transmit that data to MyGeotab. Geotab also uses this IOX to support partner integrations, such as Mobileye for Driver Distraction Systems and Valor for Reefer Monitoring (Temperature Monitoring) and TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems).

Some other great IOX Expanders include the IOX-BUZZ, which is an external buzzer for the GO device that increases the volume of the device beeper so that a driver can hear audible alerts over loud engine vehicles. The buzzer will sound when driver feedback or rule based audible feedback is configured in MyGeotab. The IOX-USB is great for powering USB devices like phones and tablets in Geotab Drive applications, whereas the IOX-NFCREADER can be used to identify the driver operating a specific vehicle using our specialized NFC keys.

One of the most powerful IOX provided by Geotab is the IOX-AUX. With this IOX a fleet can measure four inputs (up to eight with two IOX-AUX). Essentially, the IOX-AUX is connected to a signal that enables a fleet manager to monitor a variety of vehicle inputs such as seatbelt sensors, refrigeration units, and sirens for emergency vehicles. Using an On/Off built-in logic, the GO device is able to pick up a change in state of an object and attribute it as a signal. This information is then sent to MyGeotab where it can be used in conjunction with the powerful Exception Rule logic in MyGeotab to create relevant and strong conditions and metrics for vehicles in a fleet.

How the IOX Works

On a device level, the GO device uses the pre-programmed firmware to intelligently detect the IOX that is connected. It then adjusts the logic on a device level to account for the new IOX and the data that may be sent or received. While some IOX read information only, like the IOX-AUX, others such as the IOX-GARMIN can actually push information as well.

Once the device is able to configure itself to appropriately receive the specific IOX information, it will start logging and transferring the data to MyGeotab. This process can take up to a couple of minutes. Some IOX transfer information as soon as the data is received, such as state changes for IOX-AUX or when drivers swipe their keys on the IOX-NFCREADER. Other IOX transmit information similar to GPS and speed data at regular intervals based on the logging algorithm.

IOX Expandability

The IOX is further expandable and up to five can be connected in series to one GO device. If a fleet requires multiple IOX, each supports expandability using the in-line port with a termination shunt inserted upon shipment. Once the termination shunt is removed and the secondary port exposed, additional IOX can be connected to a total of five together on one device. Essentially, fleets are getting six devices working independently as well as together to deliver a wide range of information to the equally powerful myGeotab web application.

The Future of IOX

In the future, Geotab has plans to extend the IOX line. One such example is the IOX-GOTALK. GO TALK is a new product that provides real-time verbal feedback to drivers on their driving habits and performance en route (Watch the GO TALK video). It can be configured to speak a number of pre-programmed notifications. Unique notifications can also be created to have the GO TALK speak a specific statement. Look for other exciting new IOX hardware down the road!

geotab go talk iox

IOX Hardware Learning Resources

By providing more intelligent hardware, feature packed software and intricate firmware the Geotab product line has evolved into an ecosystem of its own. The IOX is a simple, but powerful, aspect of this system as it provides much of the data that is used by other components, like MyGeotab and the excellent SDK. With the data provided to our customers, fleet managers can create rules and reports in MyGeotab, harnessing the full potential of the Geotab fleet management solution.

If you would like to learn more about the IOX hardware and the different versions offered by Geotab, visit the support documents page on our website by navigating to https://www.geotab.com/support-documentation. Please use the comments box below to tell us about your favorite IOX or share ideas for new IOX hardware.

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