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The Ultimate Guide to Geotab Harnesses

The Ultimate Guide to Geotab Telematics Harnesses

You need a Geotab telematics harness for your vehicle, but which one do you choose? To help you make the right choice, this article describes the different harnesses for the Geotab GO7 device, including the new Universal Harness Kit.

Geotab has a range of telematics harnesses to accommodate installations with different vehicle types and connectors, since there are many different vehicle makes, models, and sizes, made in different places around the world. The OBD II (On-board diagnostics) port may also vary from vehicle to vehicle, in terms of size and position in the vehicle.

Download the new Geotab Telematics Harness Cheat Sheet — learn about the main types of harnesses, and read the do’s and don’ts for installation.


Why Use a Telematics Harness?

You may require a harness if the telematics device out of the way and out of sight, or the OBD port must be kept free. A T-harness makes it possible to connect the Geotab telematics device but still keep the OBD port available for use, such as for a scan tool.

Types of Harnesses

Geotab offers harnesses in different shapes and sizes to match as closely as possible the various Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) OBD connectors that can be found in vehicles.

In general, you may find these main types of diagnostic interfaces in your fleet vehicles: OBD 16-Pin, 6-Pin, and 9-Pin.

types of geotab harnesses obd connectors diagram

The Geotab Harness Guide, which can be found on the Installation Documentation page on our website, identifies all the telematics harnesses available in MyAdmin, and special order models. It also lists the description, harness length, purpose, Geotab GO devices supported, and other details.

Geotab classifies harnesses into these categories:

  • OBD
  • Deutsch Connector for Heavy-Duty installations
  • European Heavy Goods for EU markets
  • Custom Harnesses for multiple connection points or wires, weather resistant types, and unique global vehicle models
  • Special Order Harnesses

Geotab has developed custom harnesses in the past, if there is a large enough demand. If you require a harness for a specific application, please email the Geotab Sales Team: salesteam@geotab.com

Universal OBD II T-Harness Kit

To simplify purchasing and installation for customers, Geotab launched the Universal OBD II T-Harness Kit (HRN-GS16K2). The kit eliminates the need to know the types of vehicles in a fleet prior to installation. The multi-adapter kit consists of a T-harness and 12 different mounting adapters for use in most Light-Duty and Medium-Duty vehicles, and is compatible with most models globally.

Watch the YouTube install video for the Universal OBD II T-Harness Kit.

The Universal Kit replaces five Geotab harnesses: HRN-BE16T2, HRN-BF16T2, HRN-BG16T2, HRN-BS16T2, and HRN-BT16T2. As you can see, having one type of harness for all these applications is extremely helpful for fleets.

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Most Popular Geotab Harnesses

The following table lists our most popular harnesses. Note: In the Geotab Harness Naming Convention, all harnesses names start with the prefix “HRN” followed by 6-characters. All characters are alphanumeric and no I’s or O’s are used to avoid confusion.

Example: HRN-DS09T2

  • D represents a Deutsch connector
  • S represents a Standard OBD, Deutsch, or FMS connector
  • 09 represents 9 pins / wires
  • T represents a T-harness
  • 2 represents a length in the range of 12-24 inches or 30-60 cm
geotab table most popular geotab harnesses name type

How to Maintain Data Integrity When Using a Telematics Harness

A proper vehicle connection is critical to ensuring the quality of vehicle data. Here are some key things to keep in mind when installing a harness.

Telematics Harness Do’s and Don’ts:
Select the right harness for the vehicle.

 Follow the recommended installation procedure.

 Where indicated in the Harness Guide, you can connect a straight harness to a T-harness or another straight harness if a longer length is required. However, the maximum length of connected cables is 2 meters (6.5 feet) and this must not be exceeded.

Do not connect two T-harnesses together, regardless of the length.

 Do not exceed the total harness length of 2 meters (6.5 feet). Connecting two harnesses that exceed 2 meters can compromise the integrity of the data and potentially cause issues with the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU).

Future Developments

Geotab will continue to seek ways to make the harness selection and installation process easier for our customers. Since most of our customers prefer to use our T-harnesses, our automotive team continuously works to match the connector type to that of the OEM connector. The development of the OBD II Universal T-Harness Kit is an example of how we try to build in innovation in every part of our Geotab solution.

Have a question about harnesses or installation? Visit the Geotab Community Forums or consult the Support Documentation online.

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