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Is Your Mobile Workforce Capturing Enough Critical Information in the Field?

If you use Geotab for fleet management and vehicle tracking, then you already know how convenient it is to have instant information just a click away. Imagine how much your business could improve if your technology extended beyond the vehicle to capture task-critical information and assist your employees in performing their jobs more effectively. A

Top 12 Most Popular Geotab Marketplace Solutions for Latin America

Geotab is much more than GPS tracking. With the Geotab Marketplace of telematics Add-Ons, software Add-Ins, mobile apps and more, fleets can customize Geotab to their specific business needs. To highlight some of these great options, we compiled a list of the top 12 most popular solutions on the Geotab Marketplace available in Latin America

What Causes Traffic Congestion?

How much time is wasted on traffic? It’s the time spent hitting your brakes, as you wonder why this spot on the freeway always comes to a screeching halt. It’s the time spent inching forward, as you crawl along the gridlocked road ahead. It’s the time spent sitting, as you frustratingly question how the traffic

Truck Driver Retention Strategies: How Telematics Can Help

According to the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), one of the top ten critical issues facing the commercial trucking industry is driver retention. Keeping drivers on board is necessary to stop the churn of solid, reliable drivers moving from one fleet to another – or even worse, leaving the industry all together. When looking at

GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment: Security & Productivity

The development and infrastructure in many countries is advancing at such an incredible rate that it can often catch you by surprise. The neighbourhoods or areas you frequent may have changed dramatically in recent years. You may find yourself wondering: Since when have these houses been here? How did they build that skyscraper so quickly?

Engine Diagnostics or GPS Only Tracking: Which is Better?

Diagnostic or non-diagnostic GPS tracking. Which one is better? You may have heard about the benefits of each. This post sets the record straight on why you need true engine diagnostics. Diagnostic vs. Non-Diagnostic Fleet Vehicle Tracking Here is the difference between diagnostic and non-diagnostic tracking for fleet vehicles. Diagnostic Fleet Tracking with an OBD-connected

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