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Less downtime with damage detection insights for off-road fleets

Published on May 17, 2022 in Marketplace by Grady Meston |  2 minute read

Combine the world’s first AI-powered damage detection solution — designed specifically for the off-road market — with Geotab telematics and create a seamless damage detection experience.

When equipment damage goes undetected — or dirt and debris cause downtime for cleaning and maintenance — it can be a logistical nightmare that costs you time and money. 


With the right damage detection solution, you can keep your operation safe and efficient — and make your equipment and vehicles last longer. It’s an accurate way for fleets to address issues and work towards eliminating downtime.


LogiMove is a Geotab Marketplace partner with the world’s first AI-powered damage detection solution that can increase revenue, improve customer service and reduce costs. It’s not just off-road fleets that benefit from damage detection — on-road fleets can use the same world-class LogiMove solution. 


Furthermore, the integration with Geotab means you can feed all that data into your fleet management system for more actionable insights, including accurate asset tracking.

Increase damage detection insights by an average of 63%

According to LogiMove, their mobile workflow with guided damage detection can increase damage detection and collection by an average of 63%


That means off-road fleets can get a better handle on their assets, increase the lifespan of those assets and reduce maintenance and cleaning costs. 


LogiMove has designed their product around the needs of the off-road market. With LogiMove CheckMobile, you can break down damage detection into three areas:

  1. Inspection — This is the first and most basic stage of damage detection. The system integrates with a visual of the vehicle and workers can mark down any damage they find.
  2. Guided — With the guided option, workers can identify exactly which parts of the equipment were damaged, the severity of the damage and receive real-time feedback about estimated repair costs.
  3. AI detection — The most advanced level of damage detection is LogiMove’s AI detection. Through pictograms, workers are guided with drop-down menus of damage components. AI analyzes before and after photos, detecting specific damage and dirt levels. This can be done with vehicles and construction equipment. This technology also offers a price calculation of repair costs. 

Inside this scalable solution, you can create workflows for processes and assets: 

  • Checking in and out for rentals 
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs 
  • Damage recognition 
  • Service intervals
  • Dispatching trucks 
  • Third-party hauling 
  • Getting people to projects and tasks 
  • Asset and rental management

The flexibility of LogiMove means you can build your own customized solution through their low-code or no-code platform or LogiMove can build a solution for you. 


The pricing model lets you easily piggyback on Geotab’s fleet management telematics solution.


Integrating damage detection with telematics

Taking full advantage of LogiMove’s solution means integrating it with Geotab telematics. Through the integration, you’ll gain actionable insights for all your field workers, external service partners and customers. 


You can dispatch workers to the right projects and tasks and send the right vehicles to the right jobs. Due to the seamless integration between Geotab and LogiMove, you can accurately monitor all your mixed vehicles on a single platform. 


You can also trigger workflows, which provide a snapshot of real-time equipment status, and historical information with regard to usage, service records, and damage. 

More revenue, better customer satisfaction, lower costs 

Better damage detection can mean an increase of revenues of up to 21%, an increase in customer satisfaction of up to 36% and a 14% reduction in costs, according to Logimove.


LogiMove is a solution built for off-road fleets. You’ll move quickly from pilot to implementation with the low-code, no-code platform. And through the Geotab integration, you’ll get insights to help you digitize your current workflows and increase the lifespan of all your equipment.


Learn more about LogiMoveand the powerful integration with Geotab.

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