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Rolling out Telematics in Government Fleet: State of Utah Division of Fleet Operations Pilot Results

In January 2017, The State of Utah Division of Fleet Operations (DFO) partnered with Geotab to conduct a large-scale telematics pilot over the course of one year. The goal of the pilot program was to reduce costs, improve utilization, and increase productivity across the fleet. During the pilot, Geotab telematics devices were installed on approximately 25% of the fleet vehicles managed by DFO.

This whitepaper highlights the many benefits the State of Utah saw during the one year pilot, including a significant reduction in carbon emissions and a 21% reduction in accident savings, and details the extension of the program for second year.

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New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services Selects Geotab as Telematics Platform

The New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) has partnered with Geotab to equip all city vehicles with industry-leading telematics products and services as part of their commitment to the New York City Safe Fleet Transition Plan (SFTP).

The SFTP introduced guidelines and best practices for the use of vehicle safety technologies that would reduce the amount of motor vehicle collisions, in support of Vision Zero - an initiative implemented by the city in 2014. This document outlines the SFTP 2018-2019 update and how the City will drastically improve regional traffic and pedestrian safety.

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How Detroit Built the World’s Smartest Intersection

Faced with a growing number of traffic challenges, Detroit teamed up with Miovision to create a Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) based traffic management system, called the World’s Smartest Intersection.

Using a system of sensors, video cameras, and connected traffic signals, Detroit sought to increase traffic safety and efficiency in the city. This article highlights the groundbreaking features of the system, the improvements made, and how Geotab partnered with Miovision to establish freight signal priority along the Larned Street corridor.

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Monitoring Road Icing with Hyper-Local Temperature Mapping

Geotab’s hyper-local temperature mapping feature collects ambient air temperature data from vehicles equipped with a sensor. With over one million vehicles connected to the Geotab platform, temperature data is collected from over 250,000 vehicles per hour across North America.

This article examines how hyper-local temperature mapping was used in Montréal, Québec, to show how local weather conditions and traffic volume caused different bridges to drop below freezing at different times. Access to this data would allow cities to selectively salt their bridges, which could lead to reduced maintenance costs.

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Active Tracking: Keeping First Responders Safe

Geotab’s Active Tracking feature is perfect for first responder fleets looking to reduce response times while also keeping first responders and pedestrians safe.

Dispatchers can watch in near real-time as a vehicle travels to the scene, monitoring vehicle speed to ensure that the driver is responding as quickly as possible without endangering themselves or others. With Active Tracking enabled, dispatchers can also reassure callers by providing more accurate ETAs.

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5 Tools for Optimal First Responder Fleet Vehicle Tracking

For police and first responders, every second counts when responding to a call. Telematics can help streamline operations and reduce response time by providing complete fleet visibility.

This article showcases five tools Geotab offers for first responder fleet vehicle tracking, including Active Tracking, a feature that allows dispatchers to view vehicles moving in near real-time and give more accurate ETAs.

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Gridlocked Cities: Traffic Patterns Revealed Across 20 Major U.S. Cities

Geotab has released Gridlocked Cities, a series of interactive maps offering insight into traffic patterns across the United States.

Gridlocked Cities was created using 7.7 million aggregated traffic data reports collected over the course of a year by vehicles equipped with GO devices, and features an hourly breakdown of overall traffic congestion, speed, number of vehicles on the road, and peak traffic times in 20 major American cities.

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Future Fleets: How Clean Air Innovations Are Driving Smarter, Healthier Cities

A new report from EDF and co-authored by Geotab shows how public and commercial fleet vehicles can revolutionize the way air pollution is monitored and measured across the U.S.

The report reveals that by combining mobile air quality sensors with connected vehicle technologies, city vehicles in particular could measure air pollution at an unprecedented scale. The findings shows that just 10 to 20 vehicles could, without changing their regular routes, map 50 to 70 percent of a city.

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