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Raising the bar in government fleet management

Join 2000 government customers gaining complete visibility into their fleets
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Geotab awarded Sourcewell and NASPO purchasing contracts

Skip the lengthy telematics RFP process.

Rely on the leader

Over 2000 government agencies and departments at all levels trust Geotab to capture, measure and analyze crucial fleet data with unparalleled depth and precision. When you choose the leading telematics offering for government fleets, you can be confident you’re in good hands and good company.
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Your comprehensive guide to building an effective motorpool

Discover the right motorpool strategy for your agency and how telematics will help you streamline your motorpool fleet management.

Driving best practices in government fleet management

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Simplified contracts

Avoid the red tape. The California Contract, Sourcewell and others offer streamlined purchasing at competitive prices.

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Federal, State and Local

Enhance safety, sustainability and efficiency in any size fleet, at any level. Geotab partners with every type of government fleet, from municipal to federal and everything in between.

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Rigorous security

Protect your fleet against growing threats. Geotab meets the highest security standards with FIPS 140-2 validation and FedRAMP certification.

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Support for sustainability targets

Meet your sustainability goals. Geotab is at the forefront of fleet electrification, providing critical data and analysis for a seamless transition.

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Research report

Taking Charge: On the road to the EV future

Our latest research finds: 

  • 41% of light-duty vehicles can be economically electrified with average TCO savings of $15,900 per vehicle. 
  • 43% of medium-duty drive less than 200 miles per day — well within the capability of current EVs. 

Find out more about what fleet electrification can do for your organization in our study of 1.3 million connected vehicles. 

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Government Resources

Expand your knowledge on government fleet management. Read how public sector fleets are leading the way in the transition to electric vehicles. Discover government fleet telematics use cases to inspire success.

Commonly asked questions

Public sector fleet management is a specific subset of telematics management that is designed for fleets of all sizes. Public sector fleet management solutions are designed for emergency services, utilities, smart cities and any other public sector vehicle fleet.
Geotab’s public sector fleet management solutions offer the following benefits:

• Simplified contracts
• Support for Council and Local government authorities
• Rigorous data security
• Support for meeting electric vehicle (EV) acquisition targets
• Support for meeting sustainability targets
• Critical intelligence to help streamline regulatory compliance and reporting
• Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) of fleet vehicles
• Improved public and employee safety
• Minimized greenhouse gas emissions
Geotab uses a small, easy-to-install telematics device to capture rich vehicle and driving data, including ultra-accurate engine and EV battery diagnostics.

With fast GPS acquisition time and high-quality recording, these devices ― in combination with MyGeotab fleet management software ― enable councils, local government authorities and other public and third sector fleets to access and leverage vital data from their fleets.

Through analytics and machine learning, Geotab transforms this large volume of data into critical intelligence for fleets, helping to improve fleet management and performance.
With 2,000 public sector customers and counting, Geotab is continuously developing and expanding its solution offering based on the growing and evolving needs of public sector fleet managers. But some requirements remain fundamental across all authorities and at all levels of government.

To keep pace with current trends and demands in the public sector, Geotab’s telematics platform solution works to:

• Promote sustainability
• Support and advance EV adoption employee and public safety
• Automate compliance
• Boost efficiency
• Streamline maintenance and lower maintenance costs, detecting engine issues in advance
• Simplify deployment and expansion
• Lower fuel costs
• Right-size fleets
Geotab’s fleet management solutions for government fleets can help authorities improve their fleets’ safety as well as the safety of other road users. Geotab’s GO devices and the MyGeotab open telematics platform support authorities in monitoring their fleets at all times. Use active tracking for emergency vehicles. By doing so, they will be able to reach operation sites faster. MyGeotab enables you to monitor, analyze and visualize important vehicle and fleet data to help you make better decisions.
Geotab’s web-based software and fleet tracking devices are perfect for managing government fleets on all levels such as:
• Police and first responders
• Winter operations
• Utilities
• Smart City
Geotab’s tracking devices allow you to monitor your fleet vehicles at all times. You will be able to access important safety information in real time. You can introduce custom rules in MyGeotab to monitor driver behavior and improve safety. Geotab fleet management solutions offer the highest level of security and are FedRAMP-certified.

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