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Manage costs and boost driver productivity with telematics.
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Geotab awarded contract from United States Air Force

Exceeding industry best cybersecurity practices, Geotab wins sole-source contract to equip the Air Force’s over 21,000 general purpose vehicles with our trusted fleet management technology.
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A tailored solution built for the federal government

Asset utilization

Right-size your fleet to become more operationally efficient. Make sure each vehicle is filling the role it is meant to serve.

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Maintenance reporting

Stay ahead of service requirements. Know exactly which vehicles are due for maintenance before a potential breakdown.

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Electrifying your fleet

Lead the charge and identify which vehicles in your fleet are ideal for switching to electric. Build a fleet electrification roadmap that uncovers potential cost-savings and emissions reductions.

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Keep your fleet’s data protected. Geotab meets the highest security standards with FIPS 140-2 validation and FedRAMP certification.

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Advancing the federal fleet with the right checks and balances

Research report

Taking Charge: On the road to the EV future

Our latest research finds: 

  • 41% of light-duty vehicles can be economically electrified with average TCO savings of $15,900 per vehicle. 
  • 43% of medium-duty drive less than 200 miles per day — well within the capability of current EVs. 

Find out more about what fleet electrification can do for your organization in our study of 1.3 million connected vehicles.

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Federal fleet electrification plan needs telematics boost

A look at how the federal government’s plans to electrify its fleet are taking shape and why telematics is necessary for a seamless transition
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All you need to know about Geotab and FedRAMP

FedRAMP is a mandatory requirement for all federal agency cloud deployments and service models. Learn how our FedRAMP authorization helps you manage your fleet securely.
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Streamlining your government fleet: Why rightsizing is the right move

With calls to improve efficiency across the federal fleet, discover how a data-driven approach to rightsizing can help you get the most out of your fleet’s assets.
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Let us show you how simple it is to use our web-based software and fleet tracking devices to manage your field sales and services fleet.
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