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Installer certification test

Choose from three certification tests below and download the documents to get started.

Standard Installation Certification test

Standard certification is required for the installation of GO devices with either a T-harness or GO device direct connect to the OBD. Standard certification also covers basic peripherals like IOX-NFCREADER, IOX-GOTALK and IOX-BUZZ.

Installation documentation

Advanced Installation Certification test

Advanced certification is required when hardwiring GO devices, installing non-standard T-harnesses. Advanced certification also covers more complex peripherals like IOX-AUXM, SPR-RELAYKIT and IOX-OUTPUT. Obtaining the standard certification is a prerequisite for the advanced certification.

Installation documentation

Winter Operations Installation Certification test

Winter Operations Certification is required for all Public Works offerings. Winter Operations Certification also covers the spreader controllers and IOX-WORKS. Advanced Certification is a prerequisite for the Winter Operations Certification.

Installation documentation