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Field service fleet management

Deliver a first-class customer experience by connecting your field service vehicles, jobs, workers and customers.
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Unlock the possibilities of a connected field service fleet

Keep your customers happy with a safe and cost efficient connected fleet, with Geotab. Grow and become more resilient with a customizable solution that meets the challenges unique to your fleet. A world leader in telematics, Geotab offers an innovative and comprehensive connected vehicle solution for field service fleet management companies that can adapt to your evolving needs.

Key features

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Enhance the customer experience

• Accurate arrival notification
• Technician skill-matching
• Contactless options
• Planned vs actual duration of work reports
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Get your technicians where they are needed, when they are needed

• Develop goal-based routing and scheduling plans
• Easily reroute and adjust schedules
• Improve communication between dispatchers and drivers
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Improve profitability with actionable insights

• Quickly identify and manage your greatest cost drivers
• Right-size your fleet
• Eliminate fuel waste
• Reduce downtime
• Minimize insurance cost
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Empower your remote workers

• Seamlessly capture and access in-field data with mobile app
• Easily communicate with the office
• Up-to-date appointment schedules and routing details
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Protect your brand and train safer drivers

• Video-based driver risk management solutions
• Driver scorecards and reports
• Driver training and gamification solutions
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One platform, unlimited customizations

• View and segment the data the way you need it
• Customizable Rules Engine and alerts
• Build custom integrations with APIs and SDK toolkit


MasTec is using Geotab telematics data to enhance its existing driver safety programs

“The new, detailed view gives us broader visibility...translates into better workforce management and improved operations. Technicians now spend less time behind the wheel than before and more time on the job site.”

Brian Santarcangelo
VP Technology Solutions, MasTec AT
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Keep ahead of the competition

Ranked as the world’s largest and #1 commercial telematics vendor, Geotab’s continual stream of product improvements and innovations provides our customers with cutting-edge technology at their fingertips. With a customer first approach to doing business, Geotab helps with all your field service fleet management needs.
  • Data insight solutions for predictive analytics, planning and benchmarking
  • Expandable vehicle connectivity with IOX expansion technology
  • Advanced data security
  • Less than 1% device failure rate
  • Collision detection and reconstruction with real-time notifications
  • Accurate billable hours
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Electric vehicle strategy and management

Take advantage of Geotab’s electrification solutions for field service fleet management. 

  • Electrify your fleet field services fleet with confidence.
  • Comprehensive rich-data support for over 300 new and in-demand models
  • Identify fuel vehicles replaceable by EVs based on function and range needs
  • Dispatch EVs based on real-world range estimates to ensure capability
  • Manage fully-electric, hybrid-electric and fuel vehicles from a single platform

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Jeremy Muoio, Director of Fleet and Asset Management, MasTec AT

“We have come from a place in which we even struggled to identify who was driving a vehicle. Now, we know who’s driving the vehicle, what the status should be, what geography it should be in, when it’s time to retire the asset, and where the asset will have to be to get that done quickly. This has put us ahead of our competition”

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White paper

Building a more agile field service fleet management

Learn about the present challenges facing those working in field services and how they can get ahead today to meet tomorrow’s challenges.
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Connect your fleet with the power of choice

Geotab GO Device

Capturing the broadest and richest vehicle data


The Geotab GO9 telematic vehicle tracking device captures and normalizes critical data from over 9,000 different cars, vans and trucks. Plug the GO device into any vehicle’s standard ODBII port and start capturing the industry’s highest quality vehicle data.


Key benefits of the GO device include:

  • Support for mixed fleets of different OEM makes and models
  • Patented curve algorithm enables low bandwidth data transmission
  • High resolution vehicle positioning for total fleet visibility
  • Broad support for EVs and PHEVs

Field services fleet solutions from Geotab Marketplace

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Cameras and ADAS

Monitor a vehicle’s surroundings to reduce costs and improve safety. Solutions include video recording devices and monitors that can alert drivers of hazardous conditions.
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Routing and Dispatching

Improve operational efficiency by assigning and dispatching routes to your drivers in real-time to ensure accurate pickups, deliveries, and returns. Solutions include hazard alert services, delivery tracking, and dynamic routing tools.
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Driver Management and Training

Promoting better driving habits can help save time, money and increase driver safety. Solutions include risk management reports, fatigue monitors and our GO TALK hardware.

Commonly asked questions

Fleet management encompasses the broad range of activities and technologies required to track, monitor, and analyze vehicle health, maintenance requirements, driver behavior patterns, utilization patterns and location. These functions are designed to control costs, manage productivity and reduce risks.

You can find further information about Geotab Fleet Management solutions for field services businesses in our Field Services whitepaper called “Building a more agile fleet.”
Geotab recognizes that no two fleets are alike, which means their fleet management processes and requirements also vary. In the field service industry, fleet dispatchers need to stay connected with their drivers to optimize routing and service call assignments. They need to make dynamic decisions based on emergency calls, traffic congestion, weather hazards and service technician availability.

Geotab solutions empower field service managers to make data-driven decisions about their vehicles, and meet their business goals such as customer satisfaction, driver safety, profitability, cost control and minimizing their carbon footprint.

Geotab fleet management solutions were designed with our five pillars of innovation in mind:

• Productivity
• Safety
• Fleet optimization
• Compliance
• Scalability
• Sustainability

Since Geotab was founded over 20 years ago, we have aligned our priorities with those of our customers.
Vehicle data for EVs and ICE-powered vehicles are somewhat different in terms of fuel and energy usage and charging status. Otherwise, tracking functionality is consistent across all vehicle types used in the field service industry. All types of EVs and ICE-powered vehicles can be tracked within the MyGeotab platform.
Telematics devices and applications are essential for fleet managers to monitor:

• The integrity and safety of vehicles on the road
• The environmental impact and carbon footprint of a fleet
• The location of vehicle assets at any given time
• The driving practices of operators

Vehicle tracking devices can help identify where a field service vehicle is in relation to its assigned routes and stops. It ensures technicians and drivers are meeting and completing their scheduled service calls on time to ensure customer satisfaction.
Geotab’s GO devices can be used to dispatch, route, and monitor most modern heavy transport vehicles, light-duty trucks and passenger vehicles like cars and SUVs. A comprehensive list of supported vehicles is provided on our “Is my vehicle supported?” page on our Community portal.

Ready to optimize your fleet?

Let us show you how simple it is to use our web-based software and fleet tracking devices to manage your field services fleet.