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Assess your fleet’s environmental impact

Measure your current CO2 emissions and research sustainable fleet practices. 


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Geotab Sustainable Fleet Solutions: Insights to help fleets reduce emissions

Whether you are just beginning to assess your fleet’s environmental impact or you are looking for ways to accelerate your decarbonization efforts, Geotab  is here to help.

Assess your fleet’s environmental impact

Measure your current CO2 emissions and research sustainable fleet practices.

CO2 benchmarking

Benchmark, track and report your fleet’s CO2 emissions

  • Measure your CO2 emissions and benchmark against similar fleets
  • Determine which vehicles contribute the most to overall emissions
  • Calculate the average fuel economy for your entire fleet 

Adopt sustainable fleet practices

Implement CO2 emission reduction strategies by focusing efforts where you can make an immediate impact.


Promote eco-driving with driver training

  • Encourage driving habits that reduce CO2 emissions
  • Provide drivers with helpful feedback based on actionable metrics 
  • Compare driver performance trends based on established rules

Accelerate your decarbonization efforts

Build on your early successes by expanding and optimizing EV operations.

Real-time management

Manage your electric and fuel vehicles in real time

  • View the location and status of your entire fleet on a live map 
  • Dispatch the best vehicle for the job with real-time charge status
  • Monitor the condition of your vehicles to avoid unexpected delays

Aspire to create lasting change

Create a more sustainable future for the transportation sector

Continue to promote change. Participate in studies that contribute to a better understanding of what it means to be more sustainable. Here are a few examples of how other organizations have done their part.

  • Enterprise Fleet Management examined the potential benefits of adding EVs to their fleet. They found that up to 45% of their vehicles could be replaced with an EV, saving them $167 million.
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  • North American Council for Freight Efficiency’s “Run on Less” demonstrations highlight advancements in freight efficiency and electrification by profiling real-world fleet vehicles in everyday operation. 
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  • Geotab explored the potential of fleet electrification across Europe and found that 59% of the analyzed vehicles could economically be replaced with an EV. 
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Geotab Sustainability Alliance

Geotab’s Sustainability Alliance partners offer solutions to help fleets reach their sustainability goals. These solutions seamlessly integrate with vehicle telematics to accelerate efficiency gains and decarbonization efforts of fleets. 

Resources for your sustainability journey

Whether you’ve just begun to assess your fleet’s environmental impact or you’re looking for ways to accelerate your efforts, we’re here to help.

Commonly asked questions

Sustainable fleet management refers to activities centered around reducing the environmental and social impact of fleet vehicles, including strategies such as:

• GPS tracking
• Monitoring and training drivers to encourage fuel-efficient and safe driving behaviors
• Reduction of idling and greenhouse gas emissions
• Adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) including plug-in hybrid (PHEVs) or battery electric vehicles (BEVs)
• Rightsizing of vehicles to the correct duty cycles
• Use of alternative fuels
• Car sharing
• Considering alternative modes of transportation altogether
• Creation of preventative, rather than reactive maintenance programs

Geotab offers a full range of sustainability solutions, including:

• EV fleet management to ensure fleets get the best performance and greatest value out of their electric vehicles
• Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment to support and justify the transition to electric
• Environmental performance dashboards and reports to enable fleets to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) and other pollutants
• Vehicle tracking to enable fleet and dispatch managers to optimize routing and reduce transport mileage
• Data insights to enable local authorities and other government agencies to improve traffic safety, reduce congestion and improve local air quality

Green fleet management has a tremendous amount of benefits for fleets, including:

• Reducing the organization’s carbon footprint through supporting fuel efficient driving behaviors, better route management and/or use of alternative-fuel vehicles with fewer to no emissions
• Lowering long-term costs, such as spending less on fuel, oil, maintenance and even insurance, by reducing the occurrence of at-fault collisions
• Complying with any applicable emissions regulations
• Improving driver morale and staff retention rates

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