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Row of green pepsico vehicles parked next to each other

PepsiCo TR instills fleet safety at the heart of its operations with Geotab

Published on June 11, 2024

Row of green pepsico vehicles parked next to each other

PepsiCo, a global leader in the food and beverage industry, operates in regions including North America, Europe, Latin America, APAC and AMESA. Since 2017, PepsiCo Turkey (TR) has partnered with Geotab to instil a true culture of safety across its fleet. 

The challenge: Ensuring all drivers get home safely each day

PepsiCo TR's main concern was to elevate road safety by gaining a deeper understanding of their drivers' behavior. They sought assistance in achieving their "Beyond Zero" vision—a workplace devoid of injuries—while nurturing a culture that positively affects their employees' health and well-being.


PepsiCo TR has a risk management system in place aimed at promoting safe driving, which is formally codified in their EHS (Environmental, Health, and Safety) Policy. To enhance these efforts, they required a fleet management solution that could leverage telematics data to craft targeted fleet safety programs. This was imperative for monitoring their drivers' safety performance and supporting their ability to remain secure on the road.

The solution: Crafting a personalized risk profile for every driver

PepsiCo TR has been using MyGeotab since 2017, updating to Geotab GO9 telematics devices in 2020.  


MyGeotab offers near real-time data on driver behaviors and assesses these key performance indicators (KPIs) within the Driver Safety Scorecard. The KPIs are weighted according to their impact on driver and overall road safety. PepsiCo TR's team receives weekly and monthly reports to consistently track their drivers' safety performance and create a risk profile for each driver. This includes identifying their strong points and areas for improvement, and determining the need for additional feedback or coaching.

The Driver Safety Scorecard weighting is established as:

  • Speeding - 50%
  • Seat belt usage - 20%
  • Harsh Acceleration  - 10%
  • Harsh Braking - 10%
  • Harsh Cornering - 10%

In addition to the above, reverse driving and collision data are also monitored. Weekly and monthly violations reports, along with a safety dashboard, provide a detailed, day-to-day overview of the drivers' fleet safety performance.


Furthermore, drivers receive real-time alerts about potential risky driving behaviors via audible in-vehicle notifications.

BETTER DRIVE continuous improvement program

PepsiCo TR launched BETTER DRIVE, a tailor-made driver improvement program, based on the Geotab Safety Scorecard. This program has been operational for two years, featuring a systematic methodology to encourage and uphold safe driving habits that will persist over the long haul.


BETTER DRIVE targets two types of driver profiles: 

  • High-risk drivers, aiding them become safer through interactive, one-on-one feedback sessions that review their specific routes and safety infractions.
  • Low-risk drivers, incentivized with advanced safe driving training on a designated track to keep them engaged with the principles of safe driving.

These profiles are determined using the Geotab Driver Safety Scorecard report. The frequency of unsafe driving behaviors correlates with their risk level:

  • High-risk driver: scores from 0-59 
  • Moderate-risk driver: scores from 60-79 
  • Low-risk driver: scores from 80-100  

Within the program, line managers regularly provide drivers with focused and constructive feedback based on Geotab safety scores on a weekly basis. This approach aims to reinforce safe driving practices and helps drivers strive for better safety scores, thereby minimizing the likelihood of accidents and incidents through a lasting change in driving behavior.


“MyGeotab’s unified view of individual and organizational data and insights helps PepsiCo TR proactively manage risks, improve our metrics, elevate safety culture and promote care for our drivers and other road users.” - Deniz Tuna, Sales and Fleet Health And Safety Manager, PepsiCo TR

The results: Enhancing fleet safety culture 

Since the implementation of Geotab in 2017, PepsiCo TR has seen a sustained decrease in risk, ensuring drivers return home safely after every shift while promoting a safety culture throughout its fleet with the goal of Zero Harm to all road users:

  • 90% reduction in high-risk driver ratios
  • 60% reduction in collisions
  • Enhanced understanding of road safety trends and areas for growth
  • Better management of safety KPIs, including aggressive driving, seat belt usage, reverse driving, and excessive speeding

Geotab aids PepsiCo TR’s mission to foster a culture committed to risk anticipation and safety, continually refining and advancing their safety measures with an unwavering dedication to safety.

Next steps

With the collaboration of Geotab’s Marketplace Partners, PepsiCo TR is exploring the use of machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) enhanced dash cameras for real-time identification of distracted or unsafe driving behaviors. This initiative is set to drive significant advancements in their fleet safety.

From the fleet manager

“We have been running a great continuous improvement program for road safety using the MyGeotab fleet management platform, which supports our drivers’ safe behaviors on the road. Geotab’s fleet telematics solution is a wise investment for our employees’ health and safety, which is a core cultural value in our organization.” – Deniz Tuna, Sales and Fleet Health And Safety Manager, PepsiCo TR 

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