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Ferrovial Servicios: Waste management fleet optimizes and integrates

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The Challenge: Optimizing routes and integrating systems

Ferrovial Servicios is one of the world’s leading infrastructure operators and municipal services companies, focusing on sustainability. It has more than 92,100 employees throughout Spain, Portugal, the U.K., Ireland, Poland, the U.S., Canada, Chile and Australia, and provides waste management services to many cities of Spain.


Waste management fleets usually have a few routes they follow everyday and they must meet the local government requirements. For example, they will be fined if containers are overflowing. Ferrovial Servicios employees are responsible for visiting their 700 containers frequently to check their fill level.


The company had more than one sensor in their 200 vehicle fleet to obtain different kinds of data. They wanted to be able to access this information on one single platform in order to have a better understanding of their fleet for assessing performance and making decisions.

Ferrovial Servicios’ fleet management goals

Ferrovial Servicios had several goals for fleet tracking:

  • Optimize their routes and reduce overflow fines
  • Gather precise information on vehicles usage, to help inform decisions such as whether to take on a new project
  • Gain an overview of the entire fleet by integrating telematics data into one platform

The Solution: Geotab GO device, platform integration and local operation of Telefónica

Together with Telefónica, Geotab GO telematics devices were installed in the fleet, allowing Ferrovial Servicios to see vehicle location and routes performed, areas of interest, km and hours driven. Fleet management could also measure fleet effectiveness and check driver identification.


Through MyGeotab, Ferrovial Servicios can get instant notifications for vehicle collisions. The collision reconstruction feature enables fleet managers to view, analyze and interpret collision data from Geotab tracking devices to better understand what happened and why.


Other third-party weight sensors had been installed in 60% of the waste containers, to measure container fill. This, along with weather data is now used to optimize their routes and let their drivers know how to do this, as the Geotab platform supports third-party services.


Key solutions:

  • Geotab GO device
  • Collision reconstruction
  • Third-party device integration

The Results: Optimized routes, cost reduction and easy access to data

Thanks to Geotab telematics offered by Telefónica, Ferrovial Servicios has real-time control of their services. Drivers know which containers to collect in order to avoid overflow penalties, thanks to integrated weight sensors that are able to point out when containers are close to reaching their full capacity. Employees will only collect containers that are 70% full. Overall, this has reduced the number of routes from three to one, helping cut costs.


“We have other sensors in our fleet and they are integrated with Geotab” said Unai Obieta, Technology, Innovation and Digital Transformation Manager at Ferrovial Servicios. “We get all the data through the Geotab platform. This is very important because we don't have to work with different platforms.” Ferrovial Servicios is now able to access insights to support decision-making on how to optimize their fleet, on one single platform, making everything simpler.


Results overview:

  • Real-time service control
  • Optimization and cost reduction
  • Vehicle monitoring and driver identification
  • Security increase
  • Integration with other solutions (weighing sensors)
  • Fleet intelligence (reports, dashboards, analytics)
  • Data-based decision-making

An awarded project

AEGFA Awards 2019

2019 award

Ferrovial Services came second in the ‘Efficient Fleet Management category at the AEGFA Awards 2019. Thanks to connecting their fleet, they were able to increase their efficiency by optimizing their routes not only by tracking information on vehicle position, fuel consumption, km and time and collisions, but also thanks to being able to integrate this data on one single platform along with third-party data.


EnerTIC Awards 2018

2018 award

In 2018, Ferrovial Services was declared winner in the Smart Vehicle category of the enerTIC Awards for its solution for connecting an entire fleet of vehicles. Thanks to this connectivity, fleets can gather insights in real-time.


The initiative was driven by Ferrovial Services, along with Telefónica and Geotab as outstanding tech partners. José María Iglesias Vilan, head of Machinery and of the Fleet at the company in Spain, was present to receive the award.

From the fleet manager

“We get all the data through the Geotab platform. This is very important because we don't have to work with different platforms.”


Unai Obieta, Technology, Innovation and Digital Transformation Manager


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Client profile

Ferrovial Servicios Logo

Client name:

Ferrovial Servicios


Waste Management

Types of vehicles:

Heavy and light vehicles, service vehicles, light mixed-use vehicles and representation cars

Fleet size:


Fleet focus:

Fleet Optimization

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