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ELD options: How to pick the best ELD provider

Last updated on June 6, 2024 in Compliance by Vik Sridhar |  2 minute read

Make sense of ELD options with 8 tips on what to look for when choosing a provider or manufacturer of electronic logging devices.

Understand ELD choices with expert tips for selecting an electronic logging device provider or manufacturer.

Picking an ELD provider for your fleet is not an easy decision. Many eld options are available and the quality of each varies.


An ELD supplier without monthly fees closed down. This left customers in need of finding a new solution before the deadline. This situation is not a good example of customer support.


To help make your electronic logbook selection easier, our experts assembled these tips to help you out.

The best ELD for trucks is on the FMCSA site

The best truck eld needs to be on the FMCSA’s list of registered ELDs. This is a critical requirement. According to the requirements of the ELD rule, ELDs must be self-certified and registered.


Don't skip this step, as responsibility is on the carrier to verify registration. The FMCSA states: “The motor carrier is responsible for checking that their device is registered.”


To look up a solution on the Federal Motor carrier safety administration site, just type a name into the search bar.


Here is additional information on ELD self certification and the FMCSA ELD Rule.

When weighing ELD options, look at company details

Choosing an ELD service means choosing a business partner. Therefore, evaluating the ELD manufacturer or provider is just as important as reading the technical specs.


Here are 8 things to look at when choosing an ELD provider:

  1. Years in business
  2. Company structure
  3. Number of customers and customer references
  4. Number of employees and engineers
  5. Worldwide ranking
  6. Commitment to research and development
  7. Solution partners
  8. Security policies


For advice on what features you should look for in an ELD, please read this white paper: Choosing an ELD solution: What to ask


If you already have an ELD, but are thinking of switching, read this advice.

Features and Benefits to Consider When Selecting the Top ELD:

The top features and benefits of the best electronic logging devices (ELDs) typically include:


ELD Compliance Assurance: Ensuring eld compliant device adheres to FMCSA regulations, reducing risk of fines or penalties, designed to encourage driver safety.


User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design for easy navigation and operation. Are smartphone or tablet options available? Drivers will require a mobile app.


Real-Time Tracking: Providing accurate location data for fleet management and route optimization. Does the eld system have gps tracking?


Automated Driver Logs: Streamlining record-keeping processes, reducing paper logs/paperwork and administrative burden.


Driver Performance Monitoring: Offering insights into driving behavior for improved safety and efficiency.


Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrating with other fleet management systems or software for enhanced functionality.


Custom Alerts: Notifying truck drivers and fleet managers of potential violations or issues in real time.


Reliability and Durability: Withstanding harsh environmental conditions and ensuring continuous operation. Is the solution a reliable eld?


Data Security: Implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.


Cost Efficiency: Providing a high return on investment through improved productivity, reduced downtime, and minimized business costs.


Technical Support: Does the solution offer the support your fleet needs?


Cloud Based Computing: Does the solution deliver a reliable and robust solution to connect the device and the software?


Get optimal performance with your ELD device selection, settle for nothing but the top trucking ELD. The best eld devices and vendors fit certain criteria. They have the experience and reputation to make sure the ELD is the right fit for your fleet. Picking a reliable and reputable brand means that your company will have support as it grows or your needs change over time.


Learn if Geotab ELD is the best solution for you.


Last updated on: February 22, 2024

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