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ELD Self-Certification: Is Geotab ELD Compliant?

ELD Self-Certification: Is Geotab ELD Compliant?

There is one question that many people are asking these days: “Are you ELD Compliant?” While the answer may seem clear cut, it is a bit more complicated due to ELD self-certification.

What Does ELD Self-Certification Mean?

It’s important to note that electronic logging devices (ELDs) are not certified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), but by the manufacturers themselves.

ELD compliance is based on self-certification. The FMCSA requires that device manufacturers register their own ELDs and certify that they conform to the technical specifications in the ELD final rule.

This means that even if a manufacturer shows up on the Registered ELDs list, there is still the possibility that the solution may not fully comply with the FMCSA’s technical specifications. The FMCSA can remove non-compliant ELDs from the list if it chooses to do so.

Why Aren’t There More Vendors on the Registered List?

If you go to the FMCSA’s website, the list of registered ELD devices is not as long as you might expect. You also might notice some of the more recognizable names are missing. The reason for this is that the technical requirements for an ELD are complex.

Is Geotab Drive Registered?

Yes. Geotab Cloud ELD is now registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Read the press release here.

Learn more about Geotab’s electronic logging solution in this blog post: How Geotab Cloud ELD Works.

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How to Make the Right Decision for your Fleet

For the reasons mentioned above, you should be cautious about selecting a vendor solely based on a whether they’re listed on the website.

We encourage everyone to do their homework and do their own investigations with the ELD vendor being considered to ensure they meet both your requirements and those of the FMCSA. Fleet compliance is extremely important and it’s just not worth taking a gamble.

Do you have more questions about ELDs? Learn more at www.geotab.com/eld

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