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Multiple white trucks parked beside each other

When is the right time to switch out your ELD?

Published on June 29, 2022

Multiple white trucks parked beside each other

Read our guide to help you select a long-term ELD solution that’s right for your fleet.

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Switching out your ELD is a big decision. That’s why we created this guide. Inside, you’ll learn the benefits of a long-term ELD solution that can adapt and scale with your goals. 


Get the right fit for your fleet:

  • Identify signs it might be time to switch out your ELD
  • Understand why your ELD should be an investment in the growth of your fleet
  • Learn what separates a basic ELD from a more integrated and effective solution

BONUS: Learn about Geotab’s less than 1% device failure rate!


Read the ELD Buyer’s Guide now!


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