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Top 3 fleet reports to improve driver safety

Last updated on November 18, 2021 in Driver Safety by Michael Watson |  2 minute read

Building a safety culture starts with understanding current driving practices. Read about three reports to help monitor and increase driver safety.

Your employees are your greatest asset. Therefore, increasing safety is a chief concern among fleets in every industry. How do you build that safety culture? It all starts with measuring current driving practices. Once you have taken a benchmark and pinpointed the top areas needing work, you can implement measures to manage driving behavior. MyGeotab and the Geotab Marketplace offer a number of reports to help improve driver safety. 


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Here are some of the most popular:

1. Driver Safety Scorecard Report

If you are looking for a global view of fleet drivers’ habits on the road, this is the report for you. The Driver Safety Scorecard Report is a proactive fleet management tool that lets you monitor risky driving behaviors across your fleet.

The report monitors three specific areas:

  • Speeding
  • Seat belt use
  • Aggressive driving

The default setting for the report measures hard acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, seat belt, speeding and excessive speeding.


The scorecard is a flexible tool that allows you to customize the rule weights and the risk classification. For example, the default weight of seat belt use is 20%, but you could increase it to 30% if that is a more important focus area for your fleet.


The ability to modify the report is also useful when you have made progress in one area, such as seat belt use, and want to shift your focus to another metric, such as speeding.


Whether you want to enforce safety policy, help minimize risk, or lower maintenance costs, the benefits of using this free report are numerous. To learn more about key metrics and fleet scorecard strategies read our blog, Do driver scorecards work?


Download the report

This Driver Safety Scorecard Report shows a fleet-level breakdown of safety scores, divided by category and vehicle.

2. HOS Driver Violations Alert Report

Drowsy driving is a serious problem. Drowsiness slows down a driver’s reaction time, impairs decision-making and can increase the likeliness of a crash.


For fleets, ensuring drivers follow Hours of Service rules is one way to help them get proper periods of rest on the road and limit driver fatigue. The HOS Driver Violations Alert Report can be used to monitor compliance with Hours of Service. Fleet managers can set up the report to send out an email alert when a driver violates their HOS limits. Violations can also be compiled into a global report that shows violations by drivers in order to detect trends or training needs.


Like the Driver Scorecard, this report is also available for free on the Geotab Marketplace.


Download the report

The HOS Driver Violations Alert Report identifies each HOS violation by driver and allows you to track when and how frequently violations occur.

3. Mobileye Advanced Collision Prevention and Trending Report

The Mobileye Advanced Collision Prevention and Trending Report is a five-in-one safety solution that uses a series of sensors to monitor the roadway. The main safety features of this system include:

  • Forward Collisions
  • Headway Levels
  • Lane Departure
  • Pedestrian Collisions
  • Urban Forward Collisions

The device will issue a visual and auditory alert to the driver if it detects an impending collision, unsignaled lane departure, pedestrian or cyclist, speed violation or headway impact. The collision prevention alerts are designed to provide drivers with critical extra seconds of reaction time under both city driving and highway conditions.


Mobileye offers a free Mobileye Weekly Trending Scorecard report that is available in MyGeotab and can be used to track the number of warnings by type over time. Managers can follow a driver’s progress as they receive guidance and coaching to reduce risky driving habits.


The Mobileye integration with IOX-CAN is available on MyGeotab’s ProPlus plan.


Download the report.


Take a look at your fleet’s progress with the scoring trend report.

Improving fleet safety through data

Fleet management reports are a valuable addition to any fleet safety program. Managers can use reports to spot trends in fleet behavior, identify the most at-risk employees in need of additional training, and monitor the progress of safety initiatives. Visit Geotab’s safety page to learn more ways that telematics can contribute to safe fleet operations.


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Originally published in July 2019.

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