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Construction fleet management software

Get real-time insight into equipment location, state of operation, and engine diagnostics with our construction fleet tracking solutions.
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Construction operations are dynamic, with multiple job sites, diverse assets, and crews on-the-go. Rely on Geotab’s construction fleet monitoring to track all of your heavy equipment: yellow iron, powered trailers and other assets with the IP68 and IP69K rated GO9 RUGGED ruggedized telematics device for harsh conditions or external installation.

Key features

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Complete fleet visibility

Quickly locate your fleet vehicles with accurate, real-time construction fleet tracking.

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Improve asset utilization

Streamline operations by identifying overused or underused equipment.
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Detect engine issues

Maximize uptime by prioritizing maintenance based on fault code data and engine hours.

The Geotab advantage

  • Track fuel usage and idling trends
  • GO9 RUGGED ruggedized telematics device
  • Monitor engine hours and PTO usage
  • High-performance GPS technology
  • Open platform for easy data integration
  • Marketplace Apps and Add-Ons provide an array of customizable options for a perfect fit for your company
  • Complete visibility of workforce, assets, and costs
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Geotab GO9 RUGGED telematics device


GO9 RUGGED: Rugged and reliable

Fleets that battle the elements can still benefit from telematics by using GO9 RUGGED. This ruggedized telematics device is IP68 and IP69K rated, designed to handle harsh conditions or external installation.
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Construction fleet management software solutions from Geotab Marketplace

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Maintenance and diagnostics

Maximize uptime by ensuring your vehicles are operating at their peak. Solutions include predictive maintenance, remote diagnostics, collision reconstruction and maintenance management.
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Asset tracking

Easily track trailers, containers, generators and other moveable assets. Solutions include battery-powered, solar-powered, and Bluetooth trackers.
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Driver management and training

Promoting safe driving habits and training can help you save time and money. Solutions include risk management reports, fatigue monitors and our GO TALK hardware.

Commonly asked questions

Construction fleet management software is a telematics solution designed specifically for fleets that operate within the construction industry.

It starts with our fully ruggedized construction fleet tracking device, the IP68 and IP69K rated GO9 RUGGED™, designed for the harshest worksite conditions or external installation. High-performance GPS data is then fed into the MyGeotab fleet management platform, where you can track fuel usage and idling trends, monitor engine hours and PTO usage, track fleet vehicles and assets in real-time, monitor Duty of Care compliance, and manage driver safety by viewing driver behavior dashboards and providing them with in-vehicle coaching.

Working together with apps from Geotab Marketplace, you can also use construction fleet management software to maximize vehicle uptime by moving from a reactive to a proactive maintenance program based on fault codes and engine hours, reducing vehicle wear and tear and increasing vehicle utilization.

Construction operations are dynamic, with multiple job sites, diverse assets and crew constantly on-the-go. Geotab’s construction fleet monitoring helps you to:

• Increase productivity and control costs 
• More accurate billing 
• Manage workplace compliance 
• Improve driver and worksite safety 
• Track your construction and heavy equipment assets in real-time, gaining better visibility across multiple worksites 
• Increase vehicle utilization by switching from reactive, to proactive maintenance 
• Improved asset security

There are many advantages to Geotab’s construction fleet management software including: 

• Complete visibility of workforce, assets and costs 
• Track fuel usage & idling trends 
• Monitor engine hours & PTO usage 
• Provide in-vehicle coaching to drivers 
• High-performance GPS technology 
• Advanced dashboard reports 
• Open platform for easy data integration 
• Marketplace Apps & Add-Ons

Telematics can aid construction fleet management thanks to the information and data it provides on vehicle health, preventing major breakdowns and saving on costs. It also diagnoses the health of the machinery and the engine, as this data is useful for ensuring good service.
Geotab tracks all your heavy machinery such as electric trailers, construction machinery and other vehicles. This consists of the GO9 RUGGED device and IP68 and IP69K ratings for working in harsh conditions or outdoor installations.

Ready to optimize your construction fleet?

Let us show you how simple it is to use our web-based software and construction fleet tracking devices to manage your fleet.

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