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3G is shutting down in Singapore by mid-2024 - here's what fleet managers need to know

Published on January 9, 2024 in Compliance by Geotab Team |  1 minute read

Upgrade your fleet's 3G devices to 4G/5G for seamless connectivity in Singapore's evolving mobile landscape.

After two decades of service, Singapore’s 3G network is set to retire by mid-2024. This move – often termed the 3G sunset – is part of telecommunications providers’ efforts to pave the way for advanced connectivity options.  As a result, devices lacking 4G (LTE) compatibility or higher will stop receiving cellular services. This transition may impact individuals and businesses relying on 3G devices for GPS, security systems, alarm systems and environmental monitoring.

What does the 3G sunset mean for you?

While nearly 99 percent of mobile phone subscribers in Singapore have already moved to 4G or 5G technology, there are still109,000 active 3G subscriptions as of April 2023, with many linked to connected devices. Notably, vehicles that are still reliant on 3G-powered devices will be affected. 


To stay ahead of the transition out of 3G, fleet managers can start by checking all installed devices to determine how many are still operating on 3G networks. Fleetsstill using 3G vehicle tracking devices will need equipment refreshes, or 4G or 5G-capable routers. The next crucial step is to create an installation plan for new 4G-supported devices.


If you’re using a vehicle monitoring system, it is important to make sure that the SIM cards are compatible with newer networks. It is common for the SIM cards used by these vehicles to be issued in the country where they are manufactured. 


Here’s what you can do now to prepare for the 3G sunset:

  1. Immediately check with your telematics provider to verify if any fleet vehicles use 3G or 4G LTE devices.
  2. If your provider’s devices are on 3G networks, see what plans and services are in place to avoid disruptions to your telematics services. If you’re looking into a telematics solution for the first time, ensure that the provider sells 4G devices.
  3. Since this is the second major sunsetting of another network technology, ask your telematics provider what warranties or expandable technology they can provide.

How can I plan for future technology sunsets?

Fleets can help protect their technology investment by selecting scalable devices and telematics solutions and making sure that the device provider has a limited warranty plan for this exact situation. Geotab offers its users expandable technology that can help achieve this goal. 

How can Geotab help?

Geotab can also help ease the 3G network migration and equipment transition. 

We offer comprehensive software plans with advanced fleet tracking, driver coaching, high-precision live tracking, IOX support and electric vehicle monitoring. Our packages include a limited lifetime warranty that covers your fleet for all future network shutdowns and provides replacements for failed devices. 


Click here to learn more about fleet planning and how to avoid costly service disruptions.

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