Foto de un camión pesado blanco conduciendo por una carretera rodeada por un bosque con el dispositivo telemático de Geotab, el GO9, al lado.

GO9: the most powerful telematics device to date

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This ninth generation device incorporates a powerful new 32-bit processor and can be purchased via Order Now. Other new features include an improved gyroscope and accelerometer, global navigation satellite GNSS module and improved updates.

This device has four times more memory and five times more RAM than the rest of its predecessors, which has an impact on the device's useful life and allows it to work with a wider range of functions.

Geotab's GO devices have been using accelerometers for years to measure a vehicle's acceleration and braking to understand everything from driving behavior to accident reconstruction. The GO9 takes this functionality a step further with the addition of the gyroscope.


Improvements in continuous detection 

Driver safety is a priority for many fleets. That is why, among the new features that characterize the GO9, it enables even better data collection of aggressive and collision-type driving events by detecting vehicle orientation in real time with the new addition of a 3D gyroscope and a 3-axis auto-calibrating accelerometer, which enables braking detection, enhanced acceleration and crash data, and advanced angular velocity analysis.

The GO9 comes equipped with a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) module compatible with GLONASS and GPS. Increasing the number of visible satellites improves location accuracy, accelerates time-to-first-fix and increases data availability.


Make the jump to this new generation


Purchase the GO9 now via the Order Now program, the installation is very simple. Once the device is connected to the vehicle, powered and connected to the cellular network, the pairing process will begin almost immediately.

  • Locate the diagnostic port (OBD II) which is usually located under the dashboard on the driver's side. Insert the tape around the port to secure the device.
  • Connect the GO device to the port. Apply a little pressure to make sure the connection is secure. You will hear six beeps and the three lights on the device will flash briefly.
  • With the vehicle parked outdoors to locate the satellites and vent the exhaust fumes, start the engine. Green indicates the device connection, red indicates ignition detection and blue indicates GPS link. Wait for all three LEDs to light up and the installation is complete.

The GO9 offers compatibility with new vehicles while maintaining the existing library of vehicles compatible with previous GO devices. In addition, considering the current fleet electrification landscape, this device offers the same hybrid and electric vehicle compatibility as its predecessor, the GO8, and has the ability to expand to future mobility needs.

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