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Sam Clarke, Founder, Gnewt
Geotab is helping us to be a smart, emission-free, commercially viable fleet solution equipped to scale.
Sam Clarke, Founder, Gnewt

Sam Clarke, Founder, Gnewt

Get started with a free demo

Get started with a free demo

Gary Hughes

Fleet Maintenance Manager, Caledonian Logistics Limited

I thought my biggest battle would be with the collections office and the routing office, because people don't like change and they're used to using the old system. But they just embraced it. They thought it was brilliant from day one."

Partnering with Geotab helps you

Increase driving safety

Reduce fuel consumption

Track vehicles precisely

Optimise routes

Improve fleet sustainability

Monitor vehicle health

How we’ve helped other businesses

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Gnewt: Making Last Mile Deliveries Zero Emissions

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Transforming fleet management

MyGeotab is a scalable platform that takes the complexity out of collecting data and transforms it into useful information so you can make the right decisions in real-time.

More than just tracking with GO vehicle tracking

The Geotab GO device is a compact vehicle tracking device that connects quickly and easily to a vehicle's OBD port. Through MyGeotab, you can monitor and manage the GO device's key features:

• Accurate GPS tracking
• Vehicle health assessments
• Collision detection and notification
• Intelligent in-vehicle driver coaching

In addition, the GO device is also compatible with over 200 electric vehicle models.

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