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Telematics hardware integration

Integrate third party hardware into one connected telematics platform for optimal fleet integration. Consolidate all of your vehicle data through a single device to simplify your business.

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Fleet management integration for complete control

Make informed business decisions with your connected fleet data. Enjoy the freedom to fulfil any missing data requirements with third party solutions from one centralised hub for collecting and storing all things vehicle IoT.

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Flexible sensor integration for fleets

Geotab supports third-party device integration through the CAN, USB, RS232, and BLE interfaces. Do you have an external device that reports information and is capable of interfacing with one of the above protocols? If so, Geotab can help. Find a connected fleet integration solution that fits your needs today and tomorrow.

Enhance the in-cab experience

Take advantage of IOX expansion technology. Connect additional hardware to the Geotab GO device for added functionality. Relay information to your drivers via the IOX GO-TALK. Learn and improve their driving habits by empowering them with helpful, real time feedback. Discover the benefits of all Geotab IOX Add-Ons in the Geotab Marketplace.
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Benefits of Geotab hardware integration

  • Work alongside connected third party devices and sensors
  • Set messages to communicate into the Geotab environment or send messages out to a connected device though multiple different methods and protocols
  • IOX can help expand on already available capabilities, such as spoken word for driver feedback or driver identification.
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Hardware integration solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Connect additional hardware to enable new features. Solutions include alert buttons, Bluetooth beacons, adapters and harnesses for different vehicle models, and GO TALK in-vehicle driver feedback.

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