Fleet software integration

The MyGeotab SDK is a free powerful set of tools for working with connected vehicle data. Leverage real-time data feeds and build your own applications using Geotab’s aggregated data.
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Open platform and ease of use

The Geotab API (Application Program Interface) is fully available to MyGeotab customers. Use your preferred programming language or application capable of making HTTP requests to access its full functionality.

Real-time fleet data integration and synchronisation

Use lightweight data feed APIs to actively pull fleet data into your environment and synchronise it with other data-driven applications. Our fleet software integration allows for seamless retrieval of active and calculated data from the data feed, including fault data and exception events, respectively.

Graphic showing real-time data synchronization metrics
Graphic showing Geotab SDK icon Add-ons.

Develop custom applications and Geotab Add-Ins

Extend MyGeotab with custom applications suited to your business needs. With the MyGeotab SDK, developers are able to use featured sample code and projects to get started. Increase functionality by creating custom Add-In button or pages, joining MyGeotab data with your own APIs. Benefit from having all your required data in one easy-to-use location.

Open platform fleet data integrations with flexibility and control

Use the data that you are most interested in. Designed for Resellers, customers and integrators, the MyGeotab SDK simplifies and automates processes to add value, increase fleet efficiency and add unique functionality to support specific business needs.

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MyGeotab SDK benefits

  • Language and platform agnostic
  • Security is paramount, TLS 1.2 mandatory
  • SDK is hosted on GitHub - you can contribute!
  • Use the API Runner for quick learning and testing
  • Authenticate once then use session ID
  • Rate and Results Limits are in place to maintain stability
  • Use the GetFeed to optimally extract your telematics data
  • Helpful Geotab forums accessible for Geotab and community support
See documentation in Github


Intro to the Geotab Software Development Kit

In this helpful DEV Channel SDK video, Steve Hansen, Geotab Software Developer, provides step-by-step instructions on using the Geotab Software Development Kit (SDK).

Ready to start building custom applications?

Let us show you how simple it is to use the MyGeotab SDK to build applications tailored to your business needs.