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The agnostic, AI-driven platform for connected fleet management

Transform real-time data from any source into actionable insights for measurable business value.

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Keep your fleet safe, productive and profitable with one integrated platform

Your fleet includes multiple vehicle types, drivers, assets and data that you need to manage towards operational excellence. Geotab simplifies every step of your journey to total fleet digitisation. Securely consolidate data from multiple sources into one agnostic platform that delivers the insights you need to build a better business.

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What can the Geotab Platform do for your fleet?

Connect your assets your way

Connect assets via the Geotab GO device, OEM connected vehicle, or any third party device, sensor, or data stream. 

Transform data into insights

Capture, normalise, and analyse all of your fleet and asset data and turn it into actionable insights.

Empower resilient operations

Plug into an open ecosystem of hardware, software and add-ons that you need to meet new opportunities and challenges.

How it works

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Securely capture fleet data from anywhere and gather insights to make smarter decisions

Capture Data

Any data source, any connection type


Geotab’s agnostic platform gives you the flexibility to connect and capture data from either a telematics hardware device or a third-party data source. Collect and access insights and aggregated data with Geotab AI and machine learning from sensors on thousands of vehicles and assets across the globe. 


MyGeotab: AI-Enabled Fleet Performance

As a world-leader in IoT and connected vehicles, Geotab empowers enterprise fleets to meet their business goals — and continually unlock new opportunities for growth.

Fleet management resources

Geotab's latest fleet management blog posts offer tips and solutions for managing your fleet.

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