Electric vehicle suitability assessment (EVSA) for fleets

Thinking about replacing fuel cars with EVs in your fleet? Find out which EVs are best suited to your fleet needs with our Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA).
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What is the Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment?

Our Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA) offers EV adoption recommendations by matching your existing fleet telematics data to real-world EV performance data. Find out which EVs can meet your range requirements, and make the most financial sense, to help make your electrification transition as seamless as possible.

The EVSA analyses your fleet’s telematics data over a period of 6 to 12 months, and creates an electrification recommendation based on each vehicle’s distinctive driving patterns. The recommendation takes into consideration available EVs in the local market, EV performance in extreme weather conditions, as well as the financials related to procuring the EVs.

Our best fit analysis identifies which of your vehicles are the best candidates for replacement by EVs. Analysis includes vehicle type, range capability and projected savings.
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EVSA: Financial analysis

Will going electric actually save you money. If so, how much? Determine how your cost structure may change with the addition of EVs. Understand the total cost of ownership when switching to EVs using our electric vehicle suitability assessment.

EVSA: Range assurance

Silence range anxiety for good with Geotab’s EVSA. Find out which EVs in the market meet your fleet’s range requirements. This analysis takes charging times into consideration and if the battery will still cover your required range in extreme weather conditions.

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EVSA: Environmental impact

Quantify the environmental benefits of switching to EVs using Geotab’s EVSA. Find out how much your fleet’s carbon emissions will go down as well as the overall reduction in fuel compared to the fleet’s actual current stats. Our EVSA fleet data allows for strategic business decisions based on real-time data.

Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment benefits

  • Quickly identify best candidates for EV replacement based on actual driving data
  • Leverage ratings from the EPA and WLTP to include upcoming EV models to understand the future electrification potential
  • Learn which EVs make the most financial sense with a lifetime cost saving analysis
  • Understand how much your fleet can reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption
  • Ensure EVs have the range performance you require even in extreme weather conditions
  • Flexibility to build custom reports and answer questions specific to your business
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Commonly asked EVSA questions

An Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA) provides an electrification recommendation based on your fleet's unique needs. Geotab’s EVSA analyses your fleet’s telematics data to create an EV adoption recommendation based on each vehicle’s distinctive driving patterns, taking into consideration range capability and total cost of ownership. It uses real-world EV performance data to determine which vehicles in your fleet have a suitable EV replacement, while highlighting the financial and environmental impact of making the switch.

Telematics is a key component in determining a fleet's electrification potential via an EV Suitability Assessment (EVSA). Before doing an EVSA, Geotab's telematics device records the driving patterns of the fleet's petrol and diesel vehicles to use as a basis for the assessment. During an EVSA, Geotab taps into telematics data to compare which EV models can best service the fleet's range requirements. The EVSA leverages:

  • the largest set of real-world EV performance data 
  • ratings from the EPA and WLTP on upcoming EV models, and
  • data on speed, trip patterns (e.g. idling) and environmental factors like localised ambient temperature for increased accuracy.

A key benefit of an Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment is that it can save fleet managers time by making it easy to pinpoint fleet vehicles that can be replaced by an equivalent EV based on their function and range requirements. The EVSA compares EVs based on factors such as: 


• Total cost of ownership (includes retail price, maintenance costs, fuel/electricity costs and other expenses) 

• EV type (Battery Electric vs. Plug-in Hybrid) 

• Vehicle class 

• Range 

• Local availability 

Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA) is a Geotab Marketplace solution developed to help fleet managers identify which vehicles are best suited to be replaced by electric fleet vehicles


EVSA analyses the driving data of the vehicles in the fleet and recommends replacement when two conditions are met: 

  • There is an electric vehicle replacement that is sufficiently autonomous to perform the required driving cycle without needing to be charged during the day. 
  • The life cycle cost of the electric vehicle is lower than that of an equivalent non-electric vehicle.

An electric vehicle adoption report (EVSA) provides an accurate understanding of which fleet vehicles could be replaced by electric vehicles. This analysis covers the type of vehicle and its autonomy level, and the cost savings of a change.

Many fleet vehicles can be replaced by electric vehicles, but the first step to making a well-informed investment in electric vehicles is to identify the needs within your fleet and seek out the vehicles that will best address that need. Understanding the driving patterns of your fleet and how to maximise operational efficiency can provide the extra clarity that is needed for a switch to electric vehicles. Using telematics data to identify existing driving profiles can be a helpful starting point for deciding whether to switch to electric vehicles.

There is no fixed timeline for a switch to electric vehicles. Each fleet carries out different operations and has its own challenges when it comes to embracing electric vehicles. If you are developing a timeline for electrifying your fleet, it is therefore important to build a picture of the needs within the fleet, your goals and your budget. 

Geotab currently supports more than 200 brands and models of electrical vehicle. Check our reference sheet for a complete list of the electric vehicle brands/models supported.

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