Analyse and visualise the environmental impact of your fleet and take the right measures to reduce it.

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EV fleet management

Unlock data and insights from your fleet’s EVs in the MyGeotab platform. Track the performance of your EVs in real-time as well as gain access to their complete charging history. Monitor reductions in fuel while keeping tabs on EV levels of energy usage.

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Person plugging in a white EV to a charging station

EV plugged into a charging station

Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment

EVs offer fleets the greatest opportunity to curb roadside emissions. Make the transition to electric seamless with an EV Suitability Assessment to identify the best-fit EVs for your fleet. Quantify the reduction for your fleet’s carbon footprint should you make the switch to electric.

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EV Battery Degradation Tool

Discover how long your EV battery will last with our EV Battery Degradation Tool. Based on real-world data measured from 6,300 EVs, including 24 vehicle makes and models, our tool gives users the most complete look at degradation data available for EVs in the market today.

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A vehicle driving in a tunnel

A car driving on a road surrounded by trees

Temperature Tool for EV Range

Learn how extreme temperatures affect your EVs range with our Temperature Tool for EV Range. Based on real-world data from 4,200 connected EVs and 5.2 million trips, our tool helps you better understand the impact temperature has on day-to-day EV range.

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Greenhouse gas and emissions reduction

Effective fuel management is crucial to reducing fuel consumption and in turn emissions. Geotab offers industry leading metrics and reports to improve a fleet’s fuel economy.

Unattended vehicle faults can deteriorate and potentially affect other components and systems on the vehicle, increasing the costs of repairs. Furthermore, the use of faulty parts can impact the environmental footprint, and lack of maintenance can result in more parts used and unnecessary stress placed on the supply chain and aftermarket services.

For service and delivery fleets, effective routing is crucial to serving customers. Geotab’s route optimisation tool can successfully dispatch drivers on routes that make sense, that includes practical information such as estimated arrival and idling duration.

Rear end of a vehicle with dual exhaust pipes

Person holding a Geotab GO device

Vehicle tracking device

Each GO device undergoes a variety of tests to certify the device; can be recycled effectively, causes minimal damage to the environment and ensures the materials used are not harmful to users.

Each GO device is RoHS, WEEE and Reach certified. In addition, Geotab follows the SAE 1455 protocol that tests the device under extreme conditions which helps determine its durability. The less prone the device is to damage, the fewer number of devices end up in a landfill.

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Data insights

Geotab’s rich data insights are enabling municipalities to expand beyond fleet optimisation to focus on their sustainability efforts. Municipalities can leverage data-driven analytics to tackle common urban mobility issues such as road congestion, hazardous intersections and substandard road conditions, leading to a reduction in overall CO2 emissions.

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