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Integrated OEM Telematics Platform

Unlock the potential of integrated OEM telematics data from one unified platform.
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What is OEM telematics?

Leading vehicle manufacturers, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), are increasingly relying on integrated telematics devices that are installed in vehicles. These devices can collect OEM-specific and general vehicle information and telematics data after the customer has given the appropriate consent. Geotab's OEM platform allows telematics data from many manufacturers to be integrated and centralised directly through our cloud-based fleet management software MyGeotab.

Geotab's OEM Data Platform

How Does Geotab's Solution for Integrated OEM Telematics Work?

1. Data is collected from vehicles and assets and uploaded to an OEM cloud.
2. OEM data is transferred to Geotab's highly secure OEM Data platform cloud.
3. Geotab standardises the vehicle data so it can all be seamlessly integrated.
4. Data is centralised into our online fleet management software MyGeotab, so that your business can make quicker, better-informed decisions.

OEM Telematics for Fleet Management

Geotab's OEM Data Platform allows you to view, manage and integrate all of your vehicle and equipment data via MyGeotab, an easy-to-use telematics dashboard, no matter the vehicle brand or model, or the telematics device used.
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Benefits for fleet managers?

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Cost benefit

No device hardware or installation costs.
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Flip the switch

Increase productivity and prevent downtime with easy-to-use, remote, contactless activation.
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Access to rich, proprietary data

Access OEM-specific vehicle information from built-in, tamper-proof OEM hardware and sensors.

OEM Partners

Working with leading manufacturers means our connected vehicle solutions enable capturing of critical telematics data and create added value for customers.

Advantages for OEMs

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Competitive advantages

Access a network of over 500 global partners, OEMs and Tier 1 automotive suppliers — for faster returns and additional revenue streams.

Added value for customers

Reduce investment costs and increase your efficiency with out-of-the-box integrations that give valuable insights into customer behaviour.


Compatibility to connect and retrieve data from more than 9000 vehicle models, including over 200 electric vehicle models.


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To use Geotab's OEM data platform, you only have to do the following:

- Activate the OEM telematics service.
- Register the third-party devices in MyAdmin.
- Add the serial number and chassis number of each device in MyGeotab.

Once the devices have been added to MyGeotab, they can be used from the same user interface.
An integrated OEM telematics system includes factory-installed devices that are ready to collect and process telematics data from the vehicle. These integrated telematics systems do not require installation and can be integrated with cloud-based telematics systems such as MyGeotab to manage multiple vehicle brands through a single platform.
OEM telematics uses two components for data collection and management:

- The telematics hardware installed in the vehicle by the OEM.
- Software that collects and manages data from embedded telematics hardware in the cloud.

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