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db regio bus transport case study
Case Study, Telematics, Transport & Logistics 

DB Regio Bus uses telematics to promote innovation for the future of its public transport services

DB Regio Bus uses telematics to promote innovation for the future of its public transport services
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SBB Case Study UK

SBB AG: Data-driven electrification of the fleet on the path to climate neutrality

With the help of Geotab's EVSA, SBB AG has begun electrifying its fleet in order to achieve its climate goals.
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British Antarctic Survey: Pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is an interdisciplinary research organisation with stations in polar regions across the globe.
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image of someone charging his EV
Green Fleets 

Enterprise uncovers the potential of fleet electrification with Geotab’s EVSA

Enterprise and Geotab completed an EVSA study of over 91,000 vehicles to gain insights on their transition to electric. The real world data showed that electrification could save them $33 million (£24.5 m) and 194,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions over four years.
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Madrid City Council taps into EV data for sustainability right-sizing

Madrid City Council improved productivity and optimised their fully electric fleet with Geotab telematics, and used the data to eliminate peak hours charging. The data from MyGeotab proved the value of the fleet’s transition to electric, reducing CO2 emissions by 60%.
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Ferrovial Services integrates third-party systems with MyGeotab

Using the MyGeotab platform that supports third-party services, Ferrovial Services were able to integrate vehicle data from the Geotab GO Device, together with third party weight sensors and weather data to optimise routes and reduce operational costs.
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White gnewt trucks parked in parking lot with gnewt logo in the bottom right corner
Last-Mile Delivery, Smart Cities, Transport & Logistics, UK 

Gnewt scales up emission-free last-mile deliveries with intelligent charging

Geotab delivered a scalable and profit-driven solution for Gnewt that integrated telematics for intelligent charging of their fleet of last-mile delivery EVs, supporting their fleet growth and innovation plans.
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Caledonia logistics truck, logo and employee
Transport & Logistics, UK 

Caledonian Logistics gains control of driver behaviour with fleet telematics

Geotab provided Caledonian Logistics with a cost-effective and user-friendly fleet telematics solution to keep track of their vehicles, improve driver behaviour, and allow route planners to communicate arrival times to customers.
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Electric vehicle charging with Energie NB Power logo beside it
Connected Vehicles, Green Fleets 

New Brunswick Power builds business case for fleet migration to electric vehicles

Geotab’s Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessments enabled New Brunswick Power to define the value of transitioning vehicles to electric, while also accelerating a shift in understanding of the viability of EVs for public sector fleets.
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Actemium electric vehicle parked in an EV charging lot
Last-Mile Delivery, Smart Cities, Transport & Logistics, UK 

Actemium makes a case for EVs and improves driver safety with MyGeotab

Data from MyGeotab helped Actemium prove that EVs have a positive environmental impact while delivering financial savings, and the company used driver behaviour monitoring and integrated challenge competitions to improve driver safety and reduce emissions.
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Yellow Bradfords truck

The Bradford's Group promotes safe and conscientious driving with telematics

The Bradfords Group used MyGeotab to develop a scorecard of the key driver behaviours that influence fleet safety and efficiency. Their custom scorecard promotes safe and conscientious driving and identifies drivers in need of additional coaching.
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A white delivery van driving on a road with the Synergy Courier Services logo in the right hand corner.

Synergy Courier Services reduces downtime with fleet management software

Geotab’s fleet management solution has enabled Synergy Courier to improve routing, so that the closest driver can be dispatched to a new job, saving fuel and time and improving productivity. They have also benefited from fewer 50/50 claims thanks to an accident reconstruction add-in.
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White delivery van with cityscape background and CMS logo in left hand corner.
Maintenance, Optimisation, UK 

CMS Networks London Ltd reduces operating costs with fleet optimisation

With Geotab’s innovative telematics technology, CMS London were able to improve fleet safety, productivity, and efficiency. And using an integrated gamification app, drivers were given fun motivation to improve their performance.
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Worker at a construction site standing beside Trans Adriatic Pipeline logo

Trans Adriatic Pipeline controls fleet health and safety with Geotab

Geotab provided the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) with a sophisticated, global fleet management solution to help manage a diverse fleet and workforce. With Geotab, TAP was able to tackle driver safety by vehicle but also by driver, to ensure a safe fleet for safe pipelines.
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