Supercharge your existing telematics solution by adding Geotab's advanced fleet data to your existing system

Integrate Telematics Data into your existing system

Implementing telematics means focusing on your five-year business plan and taking advantage of the rich fleet data available. This data can be integrated into your existing system, to help other departments make better business decisions. The future of telematics is all about connecting data with business processes and operations, to improve customer service and to help other business processes run smoothly. The Geotab Marketplace, SDK and our culture of innovation regarding business data strategy, have all helped to make Geotab a global leader in fleet monitoring and management.
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Expand your telematics growth with the Geotab Marketplace. These telematics apps and and integrations allow allow you to integrate a variety of applications provided by developers and business solution providers. Interested in a Marketplace add-on? Simply follow the instructions to get started.

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Software Development Kit

Software developers and integrators alike are in agreement that Geotab's Software Development Kit (SDK) is a leader in the telematics industry. Geotab offers over 2 billion data points with secure, scalable and reliable tools. The SDK features sample code and projects to get first-time developers working with Geotab.

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Development Channel

The Geotab Development Channel features comprehensive, easy-to-follow tutorials from Geotab software developers. Developers are encouraged to complete their development and submit their creations to be included in the Geotab Marketplace.


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