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Green fleet practices

Ensure safer and greener driving behaviour through MyGeotab and its features.
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Green Fleet Dashboard

This Add-In is available on the Geotab Marketplace and allows you to measure CO2 emissions from fleets. Creating and analysing reports helps you to monitor and accordingly reduce your fleet’s emissions.
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Geotab Green Fleet Dashboard

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Monitoring fuel usage

Fuel management not only influences the amount of emissions your fleet releases but also helps to reduce costs over time.
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Green fleet resources

Green fleets are focused on sustainability and lowering their environmental impact through initiatives such as, the reduction of fuel consumption and idling, and electric vehicle adoption. Discover ideas for your own green fleet strategy.

Effective routing

As last mile deliveries have rapidly increased, it is essential to optimise your fleet’s routes to save time, costs and emissions.
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Safer roads

Keep drivers and other road users safe through driver scorecards, feedback and camera systems.
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