Driver behaviour Monitoring

Fleet Risk and Safety Reports

driver safety reporting

Make sure you meet your Duty of Care

Geotab's risk and safety report shows you how to meet your company's health and safety policies. Set up driver behaviour monitoring, and measure the safety level of your fleet. Identify risky behaviours and drivers and coach your workers on good health and safety habits.


Advancing Driver and Fleet Safety One Word at a Time

Geotab GO TALK delivers instant, spoken alerts to drivers, helping fleet managers to reduce collisions, increase productivity, and control costs. Improve dangerous or poor driving habits with verbal warnings for speeding, seat belt usage, and aggressive driving.


GoTalk device

Keep Your Drivers Safe

Geotab’s driver tracking system fleet safety management solutions help to reduce collisions and support company policy. Get advanced insights into driver behaviour monitoring with fleet safety reports. Access fleet collision risk and safety reports, seat belt detection and instant collision notifications.

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