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Fleet compliance and duty of care

Protect the health and safety of your employees and the reputation of your company by helping drivers stay safe and aware of hazards while they’re on the road. Geotab’s duty of care fleet compliance solutions are based on continuous research, development and innovation.
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Fleet compliance vehicle checks

Make sure your vehicles are always roadworthy. 


The Geotab Drive app streamlines daily driver walkaround safety checks, and enables fleet operators to easily carry out first time safety inspections for new vehicles. View end-to-end vehicle inspection workflows and benefit from easier defect resolution.

Fleet compliance, privacy and GDPR

Geotab’s open platform telematics solution provides fleet managers with the tools they need to run their fleets in a safe and secure manner, while remaining compliant with data protection regulations (GDPR), protecting sensitive information about your fleet operations and drivers.
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Digital tachograph solutions

Strengthen drivers hours compliance, fleet safety compliance and more with Geotab Tachograph. Stay in the know and minimise working time violations with reports on driver identification, real-time tacho status, remote download and analysis.

Direct Vision Standard Compliance

MyGeotab seamlessly integrates with any Camera Monitoring System (CMS), Moving Off Information System (MOIS) or Blind Spot Information System (BSIS) that you need to install to ensure your fleet’s compliance with London’s upcoming Direct Vision Standard for HGVs. 

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Compliance solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Commonly asked questions about fleet compliance

Fleet compliance is when a fleet exceeds or meets all of the standards and regulations set by legislation. Fleet compliance is a moving target and requires dutiful care to avoid unnecessary fines. Fleet managers need to ensure compliance across all areas of fleet operations, from servicing and maintenance, to safety checks, drivers hours, and more. Rules and obligations vary depending on the classes of vehicles in your fleet and the location of your operations.

Generally, fleet compliance consists of:

Vehicles - must be in safe working order and must be subjected to a safety check before their first use for the company, and before the start of any driving shift. Vehicles must be properly equipped and inspected, and receive regular maintenance.

Drivers - must comply with drivers’ hours and working hours regulations as applicable. Drivers of tachograph-enabled vehicles must comply with drivers hours regulations and the data on vehicle and driver safety cards must be regularly collected and analysed. All drivers must hold a valid driving licence and be sufficiently trained and certified. They must also be in good health.

Management - procedures should be in place to monitor and control:
• How your fleet uses the road, specifically who is driving your vehicles, what vehicles are being used at any one time, what journeys are being completed, and how your drivers conduct themselves on the road
• The risks created by the fleet
• The potential consequences of those risks
• The measures taken to reduce the severity of these risks and consequences
• How sensitive data is handled and protected, in accordance with GDPR

Fleet operators should look to create robust fleet compliance procedures, which include the following elements:

• Create a fleet safety management programme that includes daily driver vehicle checks and new vehicle safety checks. Streamline this process and support your staff by electronically recording this data to minimise paperwork and administration errors, and enable end-to-end vehicle inspection workflows and defect resolution.
• Develop a predictive maintenance schedule that improves overall fleet uptime, vehicle safety and compliance. Use fleet maintenance software to schedule automated maintenance reminders, approve repair requests in real-time, and have access to an end-to-end record of all defects and how they were resolved.
• Keep a record of your drivers’ training and education needs to ensure that staff are fit and competent to drive.
• Use duty of care fleet compliance solutions to back up your management policies and procedures that protect the health and safety of your employees and the reputation of your company.
• Keep abreast of the development of the cities that are establishing clean air zones (CAZ), low emission zones (LEZ) and ultra-low emission zones (ULEZ), and ensure that the vehicles you operate in these zones comply with their requirements.

Geotab’s robust suite of fleet management solutions can help to support fleet compliance across all areas of fleet operations:

• Geotab’s driver tracking solutions identify driver training and education needs to ensure that staff are fit and competent to drive. They can also assist in incentivizing drivers to improve their driving, reduce collision rates and incidents of aggressive driving, and improve accident investigations.
• Geotab’s duty of care fleet compliance solutions support your management policies and procedures to protect the health and safety of your employees and the reputation of your company.
• Geotab Drive defect reporting app enables drivers to electronically record their pre- and post-trip driver vehicle inspection reports, and managers to complete their safety inspections, without creating mountains of paperwork.
• MyGeotab’s fleet maintenance software helps you to prioritise safety on the road and extend the life of your vehicles by preemptively identifying engine issues, helping you to switch from a reactive to a proactive maintenance programme.
• Geotab’s open platform telematics solution provides you with the tools to run your fleet in a safe and secure manner, while remaining compliant with data protection regulations (GDPR), protecting sensitive information about your fleet operations and drivers.
• Geotab tachograph makes fleet compliance with drivers’ hours rules and tachograph regulations easier by offering driver identification, real-time tacho status, remote download and analysis. With automatic remote downloading, all information is updated in real-time, eliminating the need for either the truck or the driver to be present.

Fleet compliance is a constantly moving target, with new standards and legislation to prepare for all the time. Currently, there is greatest flux with regards to vehicle emissions. You can check if the government website to see where clean air zones are and the vehicle requirements.

In addition to emissions, there are also drive time restrictions for HGVs - With the introduction of the second generation of smart tachographs there will be an installation deadline. All new registered vehicles with a permissible weight of 3.5 tonnes or more must implement the new tachograph by the 31st of August 2023t.


Likewise, if your business delivers temperature sensitive goods cold chain compliance ensures the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive products. Key regulations include temperature control and specific methods of documentation. Regulations can be developing constantly, and so a fleet manager should ensure their fleet is compliant at all times.

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