Fleet management reports

Obtain insight into your fleet operations, maintenance needs and costs for improved performance. Set up custom fleet management reports to suit your fleet needs.

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Freedom in flexible fleet reporting

Geotab’s advanced fleet management reports deliver the information you want, when and how you want it. Find useful pre-built fleet reports in MyGeotab and tailor them to meet your unique business needs. Use the Driver Safety Scorecard report to improve driving habits within your fleet, or run the Speed Profile report for a visual representation of actual vs. posted road speeds. Use these and other custom fleet reports to gain complete oversight of fleet operations so that you can make informed decisions to improve performance.

Speed profile report in MyGeotab UI on white laptop
Trips history report in MyGeotab UI in a browser window

Trips history report

View your fleet’s trip history with a breadcrumb trail for an accurate fleet productivity assessment. Take a look at vehicles individually or analyse your vehicles as a whole to better understand day-day activities and uncover areas of improvement.


Advanced risk management report

Track driving patterns for increased fleet safety, efficiency and fleet productivity. Reduce idling times and harsh driving incidents, and get alerted when safety violations or engine faults occur.

Risk management report in MyGeotab UI on a desktop computer monitor
Collision report in MyGeotab UI on a white tablet

Log data and collisions with fleet management reporting

Capture comprehensive information from each vehicle in your fleet and manage it in one central location with fleet management reporting. Gain visibility into a vehicle’s historical GPS location, accelerometer data, engine performance, fuel consumption, RPM level and more. Improve collision analysis by viewing a vehicle’s activity leading up to a collision event, including driving habits, direction and force of impact.

Yellow Bradfords truck driving down a road

Case study

Fleet creates custom report to meet safety and monitoring goals while lowering costs

Using Geotab’s fleet reporting capabilities, The Bradfords Group was able to cut costs by 2-4% and used gathered data to dispute a false incident claim. Their unique “Magnificent Seven'' scorecard was used to monitor seven driving behaviours that promoted safe and conscious driving.

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Fleet reporting solutions from Geotab Marketplace

Find specialised fleet reports tailored to different scenarios. Solutions include ways to track driving hours violations, determine fuel economy, estimate potential fleet savings, and assess driver safety.

Commonly asked questions about fleet reporting

Fleet management reports are customised, detailed fleet reports that provide you with the most important information to monitor your fleet’s performance. Fleet reporting is specialised and tailored to different scenarios, including tracking drivers hours violations, determining fuel economy, estimating potential fleet savings and assessing driver safety.

Geotab’s advanced reporting flexibility delivers the information you want, when and where you want it. Find useful pre-built fleet reports in MyGeotab and tailor them to meet your unique business needs. Geotab’s default fleet reports are grouped into four core operational areas:

• Risk management
• Driving hours status log 

• Detailed vehicle data
• Fuel usage 
• Maintenance history 
• Maintenance due 
• Idling events, total fuel use and total miles trends 

• Driver safety scorecard
• Vehicle speed profile; actual vs posted speeds
• Engine faults and measurements
• Safety violations (exceptions)
• Accidents
• Audit logs 

• Trips history
• Customer visits
• Congregation events
• Time card log
• Planned vs actual routes

Automating fleet reporting helps fleet managers focus on what matters most to them while still monitoring fleet activity. Automated fleet reporting provides customised insights that are available when and where you need them. With an automated system you have the ability to check on fleet performance in real-time or at weekly, monthly, yearly or other intervals.

These automated fleet reports can be scheduled to whatever frequency you require, so that they are ready for you instantaneously. Thousands of data points can be analysed in simple dashboards, where you can filter by any parameter that is important to you.

Automated fleet reporting can help fleet managers to track fleet efficiency, safety, compliance, maintenance, asset utilisation, and much more. Then set up custom rules to create automated alerts and reminders for the information that you can’t afford to miss.

Geotab’s fleet management tracking and reporting system provides fleets with: 

• Pre-built reports that are designed to optimise your fleet efficiency, safety and productivity
• Key reports built into simple dashboards, saving you valuable time and effort
• Complete customisation so that each fleet report can fit your unique requirements
• Automated fleet reports, scheduled to run at the frequency you require
• Custom alerts and notifications via text or email for the information you can’t afford to miss
• User permissions to provide your team with only the information they need
• Complete oversight of fleet operations so that you can make informed decisions to improve performance

Geotab’s fleet management reporting software integrates with fleets through the installation of a Geotab GO device. Once installed in a vehicle, the GO device transmits information via the cloud to the MyGeotab software database. From there, your custom dashboard displays the information that is most important to you. 


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The primary purpose of the fleet management software is to collect data from each vehicle and process it to create fleet management reports. With these fleet reports, fleet managers can implement intelligent telematics solutions to automate and improve the following aspects of the fleet: 

  • Optimise routes 
  • Ensure safe driving and regulatory fleet compliance 
  • Receive preventive maintenance notifications 
  • Cut idling costs, fuel consumption and fleet maintenance 
  • Manage asset utilisation 
  • Help drivers comply with policies and regulations 
  • Reduce emissions and meet sustainability goals

MyGeotab offers a set of default fleet reports built into your database to help manage the productivity, safety and efficiency of your fleet.

Geotab Marketplace gives users access to a catalogue of solutions that are already integrated with MyGeotab software. Watch this video to learn how to set up a custom Geotab Marketplace report within your MyGeotab database.

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