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Custom reports and alerts

With the advanced routing and scheduling software, fleet managers can easily set up alerts, detailed reports and dashboards on the activity of their vehicles. Monitoring time spent at the office, on the road and at customer locations will help you to reduce vehicle downtime. Vehicle tracking insights can save you money and make your business more efficient.

Geotab Active Schedule Tracking

Track Your Fleet with
Real-time Fleet Tracking
Knowing the precise location and route of vehicles is vital to the success of many industries and sectors, including paramedics, security services and couriers. Thanks to Geotab's patented algorithms, fleet managers can monitor driver behaviour, routing and vehicle performance in real-time.


Drive your fleet to the next level with route planning software

Find out how to achieve greater scheduling efficiency, increase the safety of your drivers, and lower your costs and CO2 emissions, with Geotab's advanced fleet management solution.

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