Pharmaceutical fleet management

Take your pharmaceutical fleet into the future with rich data insights and innovative telematics integrations.
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Drive more sales with real-time visibility

Pharmaceutical fleets have unique needs. A large mobile workforce making multiple stops can be complex to manage. An easy-to-use telematics platform like Geotab provides better visibility into fleet operations. Keep costs under control with trend reports on fuel use, speeding, idling and other important fleet metrics.

Key features

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Driver safety and training

Get insights from detailed safety reports and Geotab’s GO TALK device.
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Personal Mode

Configure privacy settings to track vehicle use during work hours only.
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Predictive maintenance

Use big data insights to help avoid breakdowns and costly repairs.

A global telematics solution

Geotab is an industry leader in telematics research and innovation. Modernise your fleet with the following features:
  • Complete visibility of workforce, assets, and costs
  • Dispatching, navigation, and route optimisation
  • Collision detection and notification
  • Driver safety scorecard
  • High-performance GPS technology
  • Collect quality telematics data to populate advanced dashboard reports
  • Open platform for easy data integration
  • Marketplace Apps and Add-Ins
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Cold chain management

Gain more control over your refrigerated HGVs and overall transportation process. Geotab's cold chain support delivers real-time temperature monitoring, custom alerts and more to stay informed on your deliveries throughout their journey.

Commonly asked questions

Pharmaceutical laboratories manage large fleets of mobile sales representatives. It can be complex managing various stops at clinics, hospitals, and medical offices. An easy-to-use telematics platform like Geotab provides better visibility into fleet operations–including location, vehicle heath, fuel consumption, driving patterns, and location. 

Geotab can enable mobile pharmaceutical employees to fill out and submit forms, schedules or invoices like checklists to clients from their vehicles. Employers can be alerted to unsafe driving habits like speeding, harsh braking, and whether an employee leaves their designated territory. 

The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated, and demands a great deal of business process transparency. Fleets are very large, and keeping on top of maintenance requirements and fuel consumption can be difficult without the comprehensive monitoring which telematics provides.

Geotab’s GO devices can be used to dispatch, route, and monitor most modern heavy transport vehicles, light-duty trucks and passenger vehicles like cars and SUVs. A comprehensive list of supported vehicles is provided on our “Is my vehicle supported?” page on our Community portal.

On-time delivery of pharmaceutical products is critical for the health and well-being of people of all ages. Ensuring vehicles are following their designated routes in a safe, sustainable way reduces risk, reduces operating costs, and optimises a laboratory’s fleet investment. Should a vehicle be involved in a collision, the Geotab GO device can immediately alert a designated individual that an employee may require assistance. 

Due to the specific needs of pharmaceutical fleets, Geotab provides managers with reports focused on costs, location tracking, speed, fuel consumption and idle time to optimise work.

Pharmaceutical distribution companies benefit the most, but supply companies can benefit too.

Geotab offers a wide variety of solutions for pharmaceutical fleets in terms of engine maintenance and diagnostics, online forms and fuel management. 

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