Cold chain management

Enjoy complete fleet visibility and temperature control of refrigerated HGVs in real-time. Transport your goods with peace of mind.

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More control over fleet operations

Seamlessly monitor and control your goods temperature during transportation. Geotab delivers real-time temperature monitoring, custom alerts, proof-of-delivery reporting and error code detection to improve your cold chain operations.

MyGeotab Temperature Report

Real-time temperature monitoring

Maintaining temperature throughout transport is critical for temperature-sensitive cargo. With the Cold Chain Add-In, fleet managers can monitor and manage temperature in real-time. Custom alerting provides further peace of mind and insight into the transportation process. Create and customise alerts for temperature thresholds for different loads in MyGeotab.

Refrigerator temperature control

Enjoy setpoint adjustment to help ensure that your deliveries arrive at the desired temperature. Cold chain support is delivered via the Geotab GO device, IOX-UREADER, Cold Chain software Add-In and applicable harness. It is compatible with a vast range of refrigerated HGV models and has custom harnesses available for each.

Cold Chain Temperature Report - MyGeotab
Cold Chain - Temperature Status on phone

Two-way communication and reporting

Align with compliance requirements and provide proof to the customer regarding the temperature of items delivered through the reporting feature. Two-way communication features such as alarm clearing provide more control over fleet operations.

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