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Smart city solutions

Turn your vehicles into smart city sensors to improve regional traffic safety, reduce congestion, and streamline city operations.
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Actionable data insights for smart cities

By combining data collected from connected vehicles with third-party sources and applying machine learning and analytics, data can be transformed into actionable smart city insights. These insights help regions understand local transportation patterns, traffic safety and road conditions, reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, and justify investments in digital infrastructure.

Key features

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Traffic optimisation

Gain critical city-wide traffic insights that can be used to analyse existing traffic efficiencies and justify future investments in intelligent transportation technologies. Use data to manage congestion levels, reduce travel time and improve safety by predicting and reacting to changing road conditions.
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Safety insights for safer roads

Leverage connected vehicle datasets to assess dangerous traffic conditions and proactively communicate appropriate warnings to citizens where necessary, including high-risk driving areas, hazardous driving conditions, and traffic calming measures.
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Environmental benefits

By mapping hyperlocal air quality, emissions and idling hotspots, sustainability offices and departments can determine regions that have a higher proportion of air pollutants, and proactively implement solutions that mitigate or eliminate citizen risks.

Gain insight into your local transportation environment

Geotab’s smart city insights are meant to educate specific city and citizen stakeholders with data-driven and actionable information that can be used to justify changes, support strategic municipal investments in smart city technologies, and even predict future behaviors or activities.
  • Reduce traffic related fatalities and injuries
  • Hyper-local air quality mapping
  • Dynamic traffic signal phasing
  • Accident detection with real-time notifications
  • Streamline commercial flow of goods
  • Proactively dispatch First Responders
  • Idling & fuel consumption trend reports
  • Lower GHG emissions


Geotab Data and Analytics

Urban analytics are the building blocks of smart cities. With near real-time visibility into operations, cities can optimise urban planning and fast-track their progress towards becoming a smart city.

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