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Barcelona seen from above

Niza Cars: A connected multi-brand fleet managed through a single platform, with no device required

Published on February 8, 2024

Barcelona seen from above

Niza Cars, with over five decades of experience in the cities of Barcelona and Malaga, is well known for being one of the most reputable car hire companies on the Costa del Sol. It is fundamentally committed to providing its customers with an exceptional and transparent experience during the hire process, and at competitive prices. It offers a large fleet of new and improved vehicles across a wide range of categories, allowing customers to choose the car that best suits their needs.


Customer service is a priority at Niza Cars and the company strives to provide a personalised service, keeping in mind the customer experience and constantly looking to improve its performance. Its website provides detailed information on all the services it offers, and its goal is to ensure that everyone who books with Niza Cars benefits from a swift and comprehensive service, allowing customers to hire a vehicle in just two minutes, whether it is for work or leisure.


With over half a century of experience, Niza Cars has become a reliable and convenient car hire option for those looking for an exceptional experience when it comes to travelling.

The Challenges

With a fleet comprising various makes and models, Niza Cars confronted some critical challenges in managing its business. These included:

  1. Needing a centralised platform: Niza Cars operates with various makes and models of vehicles, implying that multiple different tracking and management systems are in place. The company was searching for a single, centralised platform where all its vehicles' data could be viewed in near real-time.
  2. Simplified vehicle activation: Installing tracking devices in a fleet of this scale would necessitate a considerable investment of time and money. Niza Cars required a solution that would enable easy vehicle activation, without the need to physically install devices.
  3. International geofencing: As a car hire company, Niza Cars needed to be informed when any of its vehicles crossed the country's borders. Without an effective geofencing solution, they were unable to accurately track these cross-border movements.
  4. Enhancing the customer experience: Niza Cars acknowledged the importance of enhancing the customer experience to maintain its competitive edge in the car hire industry. It aimed to provide more efficient services and reduce waiting times to improve the overall user experience.
  5. Odometer: The company needed to accurately track the kilometres a vehicle had travelled over its lifespan, as this has a significant impact on maintenance, cost management and its resale value. It is vital that this instrument is accurate and dependable to ensure that data is useful and reliable.
  6. Engine data control: This is a crucial feature in modern vehicles, whether they have an internal combustion engine or an electric motor. This feature provides detailed information on the engine's performance, including actual fuel consumption (or energy consumption in the case of electric vehicles).

The Solution: Geotab's OEM Platform

Geotab's technology is integrated with numerous vehicle manufacturers and offers the capability to view fleet data from different makes on one single platform. Vehicles can be activated remotely and instantly. This ensures that the fleet can be operational swiftly without incurring expensive installation processes.


Once vehicles are activated, Geotab's technology begins gathering information about the fleet and displaying it on MyGeotab, a robust and highly customisable platform that enables companies to view, analyse and manage their fleet data in the way that best aligns with their specific needs. MyGeotab offers an endless number of customisation options, empowering fleet managers to assume full control of operations.

The Results

The strategic partnership between Niza Cars and Geotab has successfully tackled the previously defined challenges:


Geotab provides a unified telematics management platform that empowers Niza Cars to view and monitor all its fleet data in one place.


This solution has significantly streamlined fleet management and bolstered strategic decision-making.

An overview of a fleet with multiple vehicle types in different locations

The simplicity of the activation process provided by Geotab's technology has become a cornerstone of Niza Cars' operations, especially given its operating environment, where fleet vehicles change fairly frequently. The ability to integrate the solution without the need to install physical devices has considerably streamlined the process of incorporating vehicles into its fleet, minimising the amount of time and money utilised. This is particularly advantageous for a company that frequently refreshes its fleet, enabling it to swiftly adapt to evolving business needs without triggering significant disruptions to its operations. Once activated, the data becomes accessible on the platform in just two hours, which not only conserves resources but also allows Niza Cars to concentrate on delivering exceptional customer service and optimising fleet management efficiently.

A map with different areas highlighted


Geotab's technology also encompasses advanced geofencing features, allowing Niza Cars to designate specific geographic areas within the platform and receive near real-time alerts when a vehicle crosses the country's borders. This has drastically enhanced fleet safety and monitoring.


With Geotab's capacity to provide near real-time data on vehicles' location and condition, Niza Cars has improved its customer experience by supplying accurate information on vehicle availability, delivery, and pickup. This has led to increased customer satisfaction and higher customer retention rates.


In conclusion, implementing Geotab's telematics technology has been instrumental in Niza Cars overcoming the challenges it faced, enhancing its operational efficiency, and providing a more satisfying car hire experience to its customers.


Quotation from the Fleet Manager:


"Working with the Geotab system is very simple. It helps streamline processes, which in turn makes us more efficient. We see it as a long-term project where we have already taken the first step with a very professional team from Geotab" — Marcos del Cid Abelló, Managing Director of Niza Cars. 

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