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Oil, gas and mining fleet management

Manage your fleet vehicles, equipment and workers across multiple job sites in remote locations.
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Fleet intelligence to keep you in production

Geotab helps you measure the performance of your oil, gas and mining fleet vehicles and equipment. Get key data insights to maximise uptime and increase driver safety. Keep track of equipment, even when it leaves cellular coverage, with our Iridium satellite solutions.

The GO9 RUGGED ruggedised telematics device is IP68 and IP69K rated and designed for harsh conditions or external installation and ideal for tracking heavy equipment, yellow iron, and powered trailers and assets.

Key features

Dark blue map icon with bright blue GPS icon on top

Live fleet tracking

Locate your fleet vehicles quickly and accurately by tracking movement in real-time.
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Predictive maintenance

Save on maintenance costs and reduce vehicle downtime by catching problems early.
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Lone worker alert safety system

Monitor lone workers via GPS and receive real-time notifications when a worker is in distress.

The Geotab advantage

  • Complete visibility of workforce, assets, and costs
  • GO9 RUGGED ruggedised telematics device
  • Track fuel usage and idling trends
  • Monitor engine hours and PTO usage
  • Drive safety scorecard
  • Advanced dashboard reports
  • Open platform for easy data integration
  • Marketplace Apps and Add-Ons
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Oil, gas and mining solutions from Geotab Marketplace

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Fleet management and TMS

Enterprise-level solutions to assist in day-to-day operations. Solutions include maintenance trackers, fleet tracking software, and the official MyGeotab app.
IOX icon on blue background

IOX, adapters and harnesses

Connect additional hardware to enable new features. Solutions include alert buttons, Bluetooth beacons, adapters and harnesses for different vehicle models, and GO TALK in-vehicle driver feedback.
White GPS icons connected by a white dotted line on a green background

Asset tracking

Easily track trailers, containers, generators and other movable assets. Solutions include battery-powered, solar-powered, and Bluetooth trackers.

Commonly asked questions

Geotab helps companies in the resources sector to measure the performance of their fleet vehicles and equipment, and monitor their location in real time. The Geotab GO device identifies maintenance requirements early, which reduces downtime. It can monitor lone workers in the field via GPS, and receive real-time alerts if they, or their vehicle are in distress. The GO RUGGED devices are especially resilient, and effective at tracking heavy equipment and trailers.  

Oil, gas and mining companies that have vehicles and equipment operating in harsh environments can use the Geotab GO RUGGED device to track and monitor location, driver behaviour, vehicle health and fuel usage for heavy-duty transport trucks, trailers, containers, generators and other movable assets.

Vehicles and equipment in this industry operate in very harsh, remote conditions, and need to be tracked and monitored accordingly. They require preventative maintenance to maximise their performance and productivity. Companies in these industries need to ensure their drivers are driving safely, they aren’t exceeding their assigned work schedules, and aren’t driving outside of their designated territory.  


Geotab telematics solutions address all of these challenges with rugged, GPS-enabled devices and critical insights. Geotab GO devices can identify where vehicles and equipment are, and if they require any maintenance or repairs. 

Geotab telematics solutions enable companies in the resources sector to monitor the health, location and performance of their vehicles and equipment in real-time, and from a distance. GO RUGGED devices are reliable and resistant to wear and tear. 


Other benefits include: 

  • Geotab Keyless Bluetooth and cell commands ensure that vehicles are locked at night, and are accessible to all authorised drivers.  
  • Open data integration platform for insights on vehicle and equipment productivity and performance.
  • The MyGeotab portal collects and retains data for driver safety scorecards. 
  • Monitor engine hours, fuel usage and idling trends

The Geotab GO device is compatible with many different cars, trucks and vans, including gas-powered and electric vehicles. Fleet managers can track passenger vehicles, EVs, heavy-duty trucks, farm machinery, earth moving equipment, quarrying equipment, powered trailers and much more together on their MyGeotab fleet management software dashboard.

Thanks to fleet monitoring, you can optimise your services and use our maintenance software to avoid major breakdowns and save on repair costs.

By constantly monitoring construction fleets even in no-coverage areas, so that you can ensure the safety of fleets and your drivers, and by alerting the personal safety system of unaccompanied workers, so that you can monitor workers via GPS and receive notifications if they are in danger. 

Solutions for oil, gas and mining companies include IOX technology, which allows you to include alert buttons, adaptors and harnesses for various vehicle models, and the option to include GoTalk for easy driver communication and asset tracking, which allows you to easily track vehicles belonging to the oil companies' fleet.

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